Now accepting applications for the new TAME Express lighting program

February 24, 2017

The MCCAC has officially launched TAME Express, the first program of its kind in Alberta.

The MCCAC is now accepting applications from municipalities for funding through TAME Express for the completion of high efficiency lighting retrofits. TAME Express offers pre-set rebates for retrofits of indoor lighting, exterior building and parking lot lighting, lighting controls (e.g. motion sensors), and exit signs.

TAME Express provides quick access to MCCAC funding for energy efficient lighting retrofits and lighting control measures without the need for a full-scale building energy audit.

Eligible participants include Alberta municipalities and non-profit community-related organizations who occupy municipally owned buildings or buildings located on municipally owned land.

A summary of the eligible lighting measure categories and rebate ranges are shown in the table below:

Measure Category Rebate Range (per unit)
 LED Directional Lamps  $8 to $15
 LED “A” Lamps  $4 to $5 
 LED T8 Replacement Lamps  $2 to $8 
 Reduced Watt Fluorescent Bulbs  $1.5 to $3
 LED Mogul-Base Lamps  $25 to $65 
 LED Troffers  $25 to $75 
 LED High/Low Bays  $75 to $195
 Exit Signs  $20 
 LED Recessed Downlights  $10 to $45
 LED Troffer Retrofit Kit  $20 to $60
 LED High Bay Retrofit Kit  $50 to $130 
 Induction High Bay Lamps  $30 to $65 
 Outdoor LED Wall-Mounted  $50 to $100 
 Outdoor LED Pole-Mounted  $115 to $175 
 Outdoor Lighting Controls  $10 to $80 
 Indoor Lighting Controls  $12 to $18 

Participating in TAME Express will help your municipality lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and make critical infrastructure upgrades. Visit the TAME Express webpage for more details and to apply for your project.