TAME+ Temporary Program Closure for Updates

August 17, 2017

Effective immediately, the TAME+ program will be temporarily closed to all new participants in order to process all existing applications and undergo a restructuring of the program implementation incentive rates. Eligibility criteria for program participants and requirements for detailed energy audits necessary for a project application will remain unchanged. Participants who are actively undergoing detailed energy audits for the purposes of participating in the TAME+ program are not required to make any changes to their process and may participate under the existing TAME+ implementation incentive structure until program relaunch if desired.

TAME+ will be relaunching in the fall of 2017 with modified rebate rates in preparation for the final year of activity of the program. The MCCAC will be making a formal announcement this fall outlining the specific details of the modified implementation incentive rates for the relaunch of the TAME+ program at www.mccac.ca/news.

Inquiries regarding this announcement may be directed to contact@mccac.ca