The TAME+ program is now fully subscribed and closed to new applicants. At present, no comparable custom energy efficiency programs exist in Alberta for municipalities. Municipalities with ongoing interest in the TAME+ program are encouraged to contact us and provide their feedback which will help provide direction on future program opportunities.

Moving forward, municipalities and community related organizations (CROs) seeking funding for the implementation of high efficiency heating or lighting retrofits are encouraged to apply for the Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional Energy Savings program delivered by Energy Efficiency Alberta.

The Taking Action to Manage Energy (TAME+) program provides incentives to Alberta Municipalities for custom energy efficiency upgrades to municipal facilities as recommended by detailed energy audits. Participation in the TAME+ program will help municipalities understand how energy is used in their buildings, identify key energy savings opportunities, and implement retrofit projects. For detailed information on eligibility requirements, available funding, and how to apply, please refer to the TAME+ Guidebook.

Who can participate?

  1. Municipalities: all designated municipalities within the Province of Alberta that meet the definition of "municipality" as per Section 1(s) of the Municipal Government Act
  2. Community-related organizations: non-profit community-related organizations (CROs) are eligible to participate if the project is located on municipally owned facilities or municipally owned land. While CROs are eligible to participate, the municipality must be the signatory to the funding agreement and all reimbursements made under the program will be directed to the municipality.

How much funding is available?

  • Participants are eligible to recieve an incentive of 60% of capital costs up to a maximum of $500,000 per facility of any size, with a maximum of $1,000,000 of funding per Municipality, for the implementation of energy conservation measures outlined in an approved Detailed Energy Assessment
  • Projects must also meet a minimum greenhouse gas reduction performance requirement (abatement rate) of $60 per tonne, measured by dividing total MCCAC implementation funding by a project’s lifetime greenhouse gas reductions. Funding for projects that have an abatement rate greater than $60/tonne will be pro-rated.

Where do I find additional information?
Inquiries may be directed to contact@mccac.ca

Note: Projects approved prior to September 18, 2017 are subject to the program terms and conditions outlined in the signed Funding Agreement.