Energy Advisory Services Pilot Program

Advisory Services

We are a climate action hub that provides Alberta’s local governments with services and support for energy and climate change mitigation planning. The Energy Advisory Services pilot supports smaller municipalities in developing approaches for managing and implementing energy management initiatives. This program offers free person-to-person support for energy champions serving in municipal operations.

Led by the MCCAC’s Energy and Climate Change Advisor, this program provides you many benefits, including:

  • Enabling municipalities to understand your energy use, take charge of your energy planning and make informed energy decisions for your community
  • Sharing information about financing options to offset the costs of energy projects
  • Visiting municipalities and providing coaching on the process of assessing and implementing energy projects
  • Developing and sharing resources that allow your municipality to complete your own energy assessments
  • Connecting municipalities with contractors that can implement energy projects

How does this service benefit you?

The advisory services help small municipalities introduce and operate municipal energy management initiatives, and support them in both planning and implementing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy. This project will help to strengthen awareness and expertise among key municipal stakeholders on the benefits and options for energy management, technologies, cost-benefit analyses and project management. The findings from this pilot project will help form the details of a future energy extension service, open to all AUMA and RMA members.

The program contains 3 elements:

Awareness & training

  • Online learning centre containing tools and resources to assist municipalities in Alberta in making informed energy decisions
  • Development of resources relevant to municipalities covering energy use, energy conservation and renewable energy. Include descriptions about different technologies, advantages, disadvantages, decision tools, presentations and more
  • Provision of person-to-person outreach and support to elevate profile and engagement in the program including: tabling at events, reaching out to local administrative leaders, virtual and in-person workshops
  • Response to client needs and deliver advice, workshops and supports that may include long-range planning, policy, operations, financing and implementation
  • Delivery of workshops and support to enable municipality to engage in energy management


  • Create a checklist to guide site visits with municipalities
  • Develop an energy profile for the municipality
  • Assist municipalities in developing energy management plans and strategies
  • Share information with stakeholders
  • Identify energy opportunities and planning options, and select preferred options
  • Advise on development of a monitoring, behaviour change and communications plan


  • Advise on creation of action plan and necessary resources
  • Assist in pursuing funding opportunities
  • Assist in project management
  • Assist with project reporting

How does it work?

This program is open to villages, summer villages, specialized municipalities, municipal districts, counties, hamlets, or any other municipality with a population under 1000 residents. The pilot project will choose 6 municipalities to test the program with.

Does this program sound right for you community?

Shape your community and the history of energy projects in our province. Join the pilot project now!