Energy Futures Roadshow - Drayton Valley

Energy Future Labs invites you to a free roadshow to learn about energy transition in Drayton Valley

The Energy Future Lab (EFL) invites you to attend the Energy Futures Roadshow to explore what an energy transition could look like for the Town of Drayton Valley. Each roadshow is designed and delivered in collaboration with the host community and is tailored to the community’s needs and concerns related to energy issues. The engagement will include a series of workshops over three days with a diversity of community members, including businesses, municipal governments, schools, economic and community developers, and members of the Energy Futures Lab team. The Energy Futures Roadshow is a free event and you have the option to register for all three days or only the days you are able to attend. 

Roadshow Objectives:

  • Increase the level of understanding about the energy system
  • Explore the polarity that an energy transition can create and inspire action towards middle initiatives
  • Establish a commitment by community members to take actions or next steps on what emerges from the Roadshow
  • Identify at least one project or next step that established an ongoing connection between EFL and Drayton Valley going forward

Roadshow Workshop Details:

September 5 – Energy Transition Simulation

  • Participants will learn about energy transition in a role-playing stimulation

September 6 – Community Resilience

  • Guest speakers from Energy Future Labs Fellowship
  • Showcase existing local initiatives and explore new energy initiatives
  • Explore the implications and opportunities of local energy-related issues

October 28 – Taking Stock and Action Planning

  • Participants come together to discuss how collaboration and action has been undertaken since the workshop

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September 5 - 6, 2019
Time of Event: 
Thur-Fri, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Drayton Valley
Clean Energy Technology Centre
To Register: 

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