EQUS Solar PV Micro-Generation Financing & Incentives

Funding Guide

EQUS provides financing options and incentives to members who become solar PV micro-generators.

EQUS will provide $0.10/W of solar PV installed to a maximum of $500 (5 kW). EQUS members also have the option to request financing for solar installation costs. Subject to approved credit, members may receive $1,500 per kW installed, up to $15,000 total financing per EQUS service.

Solar PV micro-generation projects must be grid‐connected, designed and installed by qualified installer and new installation. The solar projects must include all new system components (expansions are eligible but only that portion will be covered) and carry minimum warranty levels.


Funding for:

  • Financing – Solar PV unit installation – $1,500/kW up to $15,000.
  • Incentive – $0.10/W of solar PV installed up to $500 (5 kW).

How to apply

To take advantage of these incentives, EQUS members starting the micro-generation process should contact their Area Office, and Area Service Administrators will advise members of these incentives and applicable Government of Alberta grants.