Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2022

Funding Guide

Wildfires are a natural part of wildland ecosystems. Without wildfire, the landscape loses its diversity. Wildfires recycle nutrients, help plants reproduce and create a mosaic of vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of wildlife. By extending our lifestyles and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire. Living where wildfires can occur puts your home at risk, but it is possible to live safely with this natural event. The recommendations in this manual will reduce the risk of wildfire to your home and neighborhood and help firefighters to defend your home.

Get help paying for your neighborhood’s project by applying for $500 from FireSmart Canada and its partners.

Participating in this annual event can create a sense of neighbourhood.  Talk with your family, neighbours, and neighbourhood partners to create your own unique project!

Gather neighbours, friends and family members who want to participate in a project.  Check with neighbourhood groups for ideas and participants.

Pick a time and location for your event – Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is recognized nationally on Saturday, May 7, but local events can be held through Oct. 31.

Promote your event with flyers and announcements on social media, and invite others in your neighborhood to participate.

Application Components

  • Participant type
  • Project type
  • Expected number of participants
  • Event goals
  • Funding allocation
  • Promotional details


Eligibility for the Promotion is open to natural persons who are legal residents of Canada, who are 19 years of age and older. Employees, directors and officers of the Administrator, the National Fire Protection Association, The Co-operators Group Ltd., or the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (collectively the “Sponsors”) which have provided
funding for the project awards (including their respective affiliates, advertising agencies and contest administrators), and their immediate family (spouse, parents, children, siblings, and their respective spouses) and household members are not eligible to enter.

How to Enter

To enter, click on the application link found at www.firesmartcanada.ca and complete the entry form. When completing the entry form, you must indicate the type of proposed project you or your group will undertake and complete between the May 7, 2022 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and October 31, 2022, to reduce the risk of wildfire or
the impact of a recent wildfire, or advance preparedness for wildfire in your neighborhood.

Winner Selection

Winners will be chosen based on the assessment by Administrator, assisted by others if it chooses in its sole
discretion, of the project description’s clarity and ease of understanding. Administrator reserves
the right to reject any entry, in its sole and absolute discretion that it determines does not meet
the criteria set forth in the Official Rules.