Now accepting Expressions of Interest for the updated NEET program

November 10, 2017

As of November 10th, 2017, the NEET program has relaunched with a new eligibility structure and higher maximum funding limit for a fall 2017 round of applicants. These changes have been made in order to allow greater participation from non-profits and attempt to cover the full costs of audits and EMPs for more participants. Details regarding the new NEET program structure and funding are as follows:


  • Three additional Acts are now included in NEET eligibility. These include:
    • Special Acts of Alberta Legislature, and
    • Special Acts of the Parliament of Canada
    • Registered Charities under the Income Tax Act of Canada
  • Non-profits who lease their facilities are now eligible to participate in NEET on the conditions that they:
    • Have the ability and permission from the building owner to implement retrofits, and 
    • May require proof of payment for their utility bills

Eligibility Screening
The MCCAC will now follow the Alberta Non-Profit Listing and the Canadian Government List of Charities for screening the eligibility of participants in the NEET program. Eligible organizations must have an “Active” status and appear in the Alberta Non-Profit Listing as an:

  • Alberta Society;
  • Non-profit Private or Non-profit Public Company;
  • Agricultural Society;
  • Extra-Provincial Non-Profit Corporation; or
  • Private Act Non-Profit Corporation

Or, must appear in the Canadian Government List of Charities listed under the status:

  • Registered

If your organization is not listed on the Alberta Non-Profit Listing but is incorporated under one of the Acts above, please email for further instructions

Maximum Funding Amount

  • The NEET program will now fund a maximum of $12,000 per organization for energy audits, energy management plans and contractor debriefs for eligible program participants.

Visit the NEET program web page for access to all program documentation or contact the MCCAC with any questions.