Climate Adaptation Program

Funding Programs

Investing in climate adaptation projects that protect communities from the impacts of severe weather changes.

Extreme weather events associated with climate change are affecting Alberta’s water resources, ecosystems, buildings, and infrastructure. The Climate Adaptation Program will help Alberta municipalities and Indigenous communities better understand, cope, manage, and adjust to changing climatic conditions.

Tip: Read the full announcement from the Action Centre.

This program will enhance the ability of Alberta municipalities and Indigenous communities to prepare for and respond to climate-related risks.

This program will provide communities with opportunities to:

  • broaden their climate adaptation literacy,
  • assess climate vulnerabilities,
  • build climate adaptation plans, and
  • make progress on risk reduction strategies.

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre will launch program activities in 2021 that offer:

  • networking and outreach events,
  • information resources and tools,
  • training, and
  • one-on-one support for Alberta municipalities and Indigenous communities.

Tip: Read the full announcement from the Government of Alberta.


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