Alberta Municipal Place

This project was funded through Non-MCCAC project


2010Completion Year

$1,413,755Project Cost

$178,382Cost Savings

8Simple Payback Period

About Alberta Municipal Place

Alberta Municipal Place (AMP) received the BOMA BESt level two certification for retrofits, processes and renovations made since AUMA acquired the building. Constructed in 1982, this 63,304 ftthree-storey building was purchased by the AUMA in 2009.

Through significant renovation, AUMA’s headquarters has become a model for how to retrofit an existing building and bring it up to current energy efficiency and sustainability standards:

  • Energy efficiency was the core guiding principle for the retrofit
  • Energy efficiency upgrades were made throughout the building including the areas of building lighting, air and water heating and cooling systems, ventilation, insulation, weatherization, and energy management
  • On-site energy generation was made possible by installing solar PV, wind, and cogeneration units
  • 80% of materials removed during construction were recycled
  • 19% of new material was sourced locally within an 800 kilometre radius of the building

After the retrofit

The AMP retrofit demonstrates the impact that energy efficiency upgrades can produce. Since the retrofit was completed in 2010, the following cumulative savings have been realized:

  • over $700,000 in utility cost-savings;
  • over 50% reduction in electricity and natural gas use; and
  • over 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.