Energy Benchmarking

The MCCAC’s energy benchmarking tool helps municipalities evaluate and compare the energy efficiency of their buildings. Available at no cost, the web-based energy benchmark tool generates a report that shows a building’s energy use intensity compared to the average and best-in-class buildings of a similar type in Alberta.

Being able to compare the relative energy performance of a building is useful for determining whether a building is performing well or if there is significant potential for improvements through energy efficiency and conservation actions. The benchmark tool can be used to generate reports for multiple buildings, allowing a municipality to focus efforts on the buildings with the most room for improvement.

As shown below, the benchmark report provides a visual comparison of a building’s energy intensity (energy use per unit area per heating degree day) relative to the average and best-in-class buildings. It also shows annual greenhouse gas emissions reductions and potential energy savings that could be achieved if the performance is improved.

With a database of over 600 Alberta-based municipal buildings, the benchmark tool provides a regionally appropriate comparison with similar municipal buildings. Using the building’s location, the benchmark also automatically incorporates the local annual temperature (heating degree days) to factor temperature differences out of the comparison.

Completing a building energy benchmark is simple and straight forward. It requires only basic information about the building along with one year of energy consumption data. Benchmarks can be completed for a wide variety of building types.

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