Beaumont Facility Retrofits

This project was funded through the TAME


2014Completion Year

$47,545Project Cost

$12,442Cost Savings

$23,773MCCAC Funding

2Simple Payback Period

62,330kWh/yearElectrical Energy Savings

710GJ/yearNatural Gas Energy Savings

710tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

Beaumont conducted a multi-facility energy efficiency retrofit in 2014, which included their Town Office, Fire Hall, and RCMP Detachment.

Upgrades were made to the building’s automation systems, motors, and control systems. In both the Town Office and RCMP Detachment single speed motors were replaced with high efficiency motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs). Instead of running the motors at a constant speed, VFDs allow motor speed to be adjusted according to the output requirements. In the RCMP building, the building management system (BMS) was also reprogrammed to ensure that building operations match occupant use and maximize efficiency. In the Fire Hall, programmable thermostats were installed and lighting updated, replacing existing T12 fixtures with T8s and digital ballasts.

With significant annual cost savings of $12,442, the payback period is expected to be only 1.9 years. The project will also save the Town 1,623 GJ of energy and 115 tonnes of GHG emissions per year.