Funding Programs

Since 2009, Alberta municipalities have been taking bold steps with the Action Centre to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They have improved their overall energy efficiency and saved money for their municipalities for years to come. Join other municipalities in taking action on climate change with one of our funding programs.

Clean Energy Improvement Program

An innovative financing solution for residential and commercial property owners to install renewable energy and energy efficiency retrofits in your municipality. Administered by the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation.

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Climate Adaptation Program

Investing in climate adaptation projects that protect communities from the impact of severe weather changes. This program is under development.

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Municipal Energy Manager Program

Municipal Energy Managers find cost and energy savings, educate staff, and reduce emissions. Apply today and sign a Funding Agreement by August 3, 2021, to secure your energy manager for one year.

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No longer accepting applications

Which program is best for your community?

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is committed to helping municipalities choose the program that best fits them. Explore which options are best for your community.