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Communities like yours are lowering energy costs, generating immediate and long-term savings, improving infrastructure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win-win-win-win!

Empowering Change

Since 2009, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre – a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Government of Alberta – has helped Alberta municipalities, non-profit organizations, and schools implement energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. 

Building energy resilient communities

$60.1 M funding granted to 402 organizations

$134.5 M of energy-related investments catalyzed


Here’s how we help you

Making funding available for projects
Creating an easy application process
Supporting you along the way

Alberta Municipalities is proud to support strong, resilient and thriving communities. Through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, we’ve enabled municipalities to implement solutions to meet the needs of our changing world. We’ve seen a number of large projects come to completion, enabling communities to become close, if not completely, electrically net zero.” 

Tyler Gandam, President, Alberta Municipalities

Our Journey

  • 2023 Delivered the Net Zero Community Accelerator in Alberta. This is a partnership project is a partnership of QUEST Canada, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), Community Energy Association (CEA), and Eco-West / Éco-Ouest Canada and is funded in part by Prairies Canada, Government of Alberta and Cenovus Energy.
  • 2023 $28 million investment from the Government of Alberta’s TIER fund is announced to support another five years of programming.
  • 2023 Delivered the Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative, funded in part by Natural Resources Canada.
  • 2022 The Electric Vehicle Charging Program, funded in part by Natural Resources Canada and the Government of Alberta began application intake.
  • 2022 The Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program funded in part by the Government of Alberta began application intake.
  • 2021 The City of St. Albert and Sturgeon County were selected to receive direct support through the Climate Adaptation Challenge funded in part by the Government of Alberta.
  • 2020 Recognized by the Alberta Emerald Foundation for a decade of impact.
  • 2019 Became the Regional Climate Change Advisor for Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Partners for Climate Protection Program.
  • 2018 Received $54M from the Government of Alberta to create and launch solar, energy efficiency and energy management funding programs over the next five years.
  • 2017 Launched the Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition Program with $3M in funding from Energy Efficiency Alberta.
  • 2016 Launched the first round of the Alberta Municipal Solar Program for municipalities with $5M in funding from the Government of Alberta.
  • 2014 Launched three energy efficiency programs for municipalities in Alberta with $4M in funding from the Government of Alberta.
  • 2009 Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta established the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre with $2M to design and deliver programs to address Alberta’s changing climate.

“Alberta Municipalities is proud that it has supported over 160 municipalities by investing in their local economics through the Action Centre. These municipal projects protect the future of Alberta communities through renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.” 

Dan Rude, CEO, Alberta Municipalities

Impact Report 2023

Here’s how our participants have impacted Alberta from 2009 to 2023.


Over 160 municipal governments in Alberta created real savings and real change. City, Town, Village, Summer Village, County, Municipal District – no community is too big or too small to participate. 

Upgrading lighting, thermostats, heating and ventilation systems, installing solar PV systems, implementing weatherization measures, integrating electric vehicles into the municipal fleet, and hiring an energy manager – it all adds up to millions of dollars in annual energy savings for Albertans.

“Rural Municipalities of Alberta is proud to see 29.7 megawatts of renewable energy installed across the province through the Action Centre. This is a perfect example of finding a balance between being economically responsible and environmental stewards.”

Gerald Rhodes, Executive Director, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Reaching Across Alberta

Renewable energy and energy efficiency investments reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn how communities across Alberta are improving energy resilience and keeping energy dollars circulating in the local economy.

These success stories show how communities are creating lasting change.

Case Studies

It makes sense to apply for our funding:

“Municipalities in Alberta are actively preparing for a changing climate. Over the past year, they have demonstrated leadership by investing resources into solutions. Municipalities, school authorities, and community organizations have improved their resiliency and supported economic growth with Action Centre programs”

Trina Innes, Executive Director, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

We’re here to help

With one-on-one support, we provide expert advice to help you complete energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Strengthening local economies

1224 full time jobs created

$198.9 Min lifetime energy savings for the lifetime of the projects


We’re helping communities save.

“When we partnered to open the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre over 10 years ago, our vision was to help municipalities address a changing climate and find cost savings. Since then, we are proud to see over 770 projects completed.” 

Paul McLauchlin, President, Rural Municipalities of Alberta

Transitioning to a low-carbon future

972 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

914,040 tonnes of GHG emissions (CO2e) avoided for the lifetime of the projects

39.8 MW of installed solar capacity including 96,370 solar panels


Take Action Today

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Last updated Feb. 26, 2024