We’ve put together some useful tools for municipalities to plan for climate adaptation, calculate projects, compare savings, and assess climate action opportunities in their communities.

  • Alberta Climate Adaptation Plans

    Use this resource to learn about the variety of approaches to climate adaptation planning underway in Alberta. Use these as opportunities to connect with peer and neighbouring municipalities who are advancing climate adaptation in their communities.

  • Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator

    Compare the costs of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with electric vehicles using our new resource, the Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator.

  • Community Climate Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

    The community climate resilience self-assessment tool will help communities assess their internal climate resilience capacity and provide insights into which opportunities offered through the Climate Resilience Capacity Building program will best meet their needs.

  • Tool Lending Library

    Determine inefficiencies and improve occupant comfort by managing and reducing energy usage with the Tool Lending Library. Borrow a tool today.

  • Solar Friendly Municipalities

    The Toolkit provides municipalities with information to install solar PV on their facilities, reduce permitting and tax barriers to solar PV in their communities, and engage community members on the benefits of producing power locally.

  • Alberta Solar Calculator

    Evaluate a proposed grid-connected solar PV project by comparing the development costs to the cost of purchasing electricity from Alberta’s grid.