Community Climate Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

The community climate resilience self-assessment tool will help communities assess their internal climate resilience capacity and provide insights into which opportunities offered through the Climate Resilience Capacity Building program will best meet their needs.

The assessment is based on the Climate Adaptation Competency Framework, part of the Adaptation Learning Network project funded by Natural Resources Canada: Building Regional Adaptation Capacity & Expertise (BRACE), The BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and Royal Roads University. The survey looks at five aspects of climate adaptation and asks communities to rank their capacity in aspects of each.


To check a community’s general readiness or find specific gaps in competencies in climate resilience, communities are invited to use this self-assessment tool. For each aspect of climate resilience, individuals can gauge their community’s state of readiness by answering the question “My Community has/is …” and choosing the matching number score.

Your total score will be used to provide an assessment of the overall state of readiness of your community. Based on the total score, communities will get information to help them find the supports and funding streams best aligned with the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program.

The scores in subcategories can also help point communities to gaps in competencies that may need to be addressed. The Climate Adaptation Competency Framework provides additional details on the specific subcategory of interest.

“My community has / is ……no experience with this aspect.”…a very basic understanding of this aspect.”…planning or ready to plan with this aspect.”…ready to implement this aspect.”…ready to build upon existing experience with this aspect.”
Community State of ReadinessNothing in placeConcept levelPlanning LevelImplementation LevelContinual Improvement
Community Readiness Score01234
State of Readiness Scores and Descriptions