Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

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Enabling communities to better understand and respond to the impacts of climate change.

Take control of your community’s future. Global climate changes will have local impacts and they won’t be easy to overcome. Alberta’s changing climate could mean drought and wildfire, it could mean flooding and ice storms, or anything in between. But whatever comes our way, your community can prepare.

The Government of Alberta is providing $4.5 million for Alberta municipalities and Indigenous communities to assess adaptation measures and to create climate resilience plans. This funding will help you reduce negative impacts and leverage opportunities so you can feel secure in your community’s future.

The Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program is developed and administered by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta.

How ready is your community?

Use our community climate resilience self-assessment to find out.

Access funding for your community

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is providing up to $80,000 per project for municipalities and Indigenous communities to invest in climate resilience capacity building. The following funding streams are now open:

Planning Stream: Assess your community’s vulnerability to climate change and/or create a climate adaptation and resilience plan.

Strategies and Initiatives Stream: Research the feasibility of adaptation measures in your community’s plan and/or prepare measures for implementation.

Indigenous Climate Resilience Stream: Increase your Indigenous community’s capacity for climate resilience planning, recognizing the unique impacts, needs, and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples, including the use of Indigenous and/or Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

Watch: Introduction to the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

In this information session, Ronak Patel, Program Lead, Capacity Building, will explain what the program aims to accomplish and how you can participate.

What builds climate resilience?

Climate change could affect a wide range of domains, including: agriculture, food security, forestry, human health, infrastructure, wildfire risk, water quality and supply. Climate resilience can be enhanced through a range of soft and hard adaptations. Soft adaptations include measures based in municipal policy and practice—changes to land use, stricter building requirements, plans for emergency management and changes to insurance. Hard adaptations include tangible changes to infrastructure—building drainage channels, dams and dykes, elevating or even relocating infrastructure, and shielding buildings against heat.

What can we fund?

Before adaptations can be made, it is crucial to do a risk assessment and build an adaptation and resilience plan. This is the first step that the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program is designed to support.

  • Plans and assessments may be performed by a qualified, contracted service provider.
  • Alternately, we may fund costs related to the development of internal capacity, including, but not limited to: knowledge transfer, workshops, training, contractors, and wage subsidies.
  • For participants in the Indigenous Climate Resilience Stream only, we can cover administrative costs incurred through the delivery of the project, up to a maximum of 15 per cent.

The approval and allocation of eligible funds will occur on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are due by March 31, 2023, and all projects must be completed by March 31, 2024.


Municipalities and Indigenous communities in Alberta can submit projects in the Planning Stream and the Strategies and Initiatives stream. Only Indigenous communities can apply to the Indigenous Climate Resilience Stream. For full eligibility details, please see the program Guidebook.

To enable broad participation, a total of $160,000 across all streams may be distributed to a single community.

Get started

To start strengthening your community’s climate resilience, submit an expression of interest (EOI) today.

Community of Practice

In addition to providing funding for community projects, the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program also aims to enable community-to-community learning on local climate adaptation practices and to build a network of community practitioners working on climate adaptation. 

In support of this, the Action Centre manages a Community of Practice where participants can join a regularly hosted, informal meetings for information sharing on relevant topics and networking between participants. Participants are encouraged to share knowledge, best practices, lessons learned, opportunities, and celebrate success together. The Action Centre will also present on topics relevant to participants.

Upcoming Meetings

The next Climate Resilience Capacity Building Community of Practice meeting will be held online Jan. 25, 2023 at 10 a.m.

To help with logistics, one representative from a community is invited to participate. If your community would like to participate, please email for further details.