Learning Centre

Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one stop hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities formulate and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

Alberta Climate Records

| 2019 | Report

Through the Alberta Climate Records application you can explore climate changes and averages in Alberta for 52 climate indices based on historical records between 1951 – 2017 and three future projections for 2041 – 2070.


| 2015 | Tool, Website

The Adapt-action online tool offers a policy primer, a strategy checklist, and various reports and resources to help communities adapt to a changing climate.

Developed by: Miistakis Institute

Adapting to Climate Change : An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities

| 2010 | Book

This book provides municipal decision-makers with information about climate change adaptation and how to put adaptation measures in place. The book also refers to other guides to help municipalities identify and address risks and opportunities, and to case studies that illustrate how municipalities across Canada are taking action.

Published by: Natural Resources Canada

Adaptation Library

| 2015 | Website

The Adaptation Library is a publicly accessible and searchable collection of community, forestry, and energy related adaptation resources. The goal of the Library is to connect community and industry users with relevant information related to climate change adaptation in Canada and abroad. The Library contains approximately 450 community adaptation, forestry, and energy-related resources. 

Published by: Natural Resources Canada Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RACs) and Tools for Adaptation Programs.

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator

| 2019 | Tool

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is the first free and open-source tool of its kind, allowing you to visualize the interactive and cumulative effect of current, proposed, or potential policies on the province’s carbon pollution and energy trajectory. From renewable energy to pollution pricing and mass transit to efficient buildings, you can use the tool to gain a deeper understanding of the specific policy actions that Alberta can take to decrease its climate-destabilizing carbon emissions.

Alberta Community Solar Guide

| 2017 | Guide, Report

Organizing and owning community solar PV projects.

There is a lot to consider when comprehensively planning a community solar project. This guide is for Albertans who want to, and renewable energy developers who can use it as an awareness tool when working with communities to develop such projects.

Alberta Funding Guide

| 2019 | Guide

This guide provides information about funding programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects available to municipalities in Alberta.

Published by: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and Community Energy Association

Alberta Narratives Project

| 2018 | Project, Report

The Alberta Narratives Project is a community-based initiative and new approach to public engagement research that builds skills and better communications. It aims to uncover language and narratives that reflect the values and identities of Albertans, and to find ways of talking about our energy-climate future that build bridges to better community conversation.