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Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one-stop-hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities plan and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

Climate Change Adaptation Resource Pathways (ARPs) via NRCan

Climate change adaptation is an expansive and booming area of work. Natural Resources Canada has produced Adaptation Resource Pathways (ARPs) specific to nature-based solutions, infrastructure, land use, and more, to help guide practitioners as they navigate these complex regions of work.

Stickers for saving energy in the office

| 2022

This suite of stickers and posters was developed for Municipal Energy Managers to use in their facilities to encourage energy saving behaviours: turning off lights in empty rooms, shutting down computers overnight, and not adjusting automated thermostats.

Stickers are meant to be printed in-office on an inkjet or colour laser copier. Use Avery brand shipping labels and filing labels (or compatible product). We highly recommend purchasing the “Removable” version.

Large Stickers: 2” x 4” Avery brand shipping labels

Small Stickers: 3-7/16” x ⅔” Avery brand filing labels

Sturgeon County: Reduce, Resolve, Retrofit

| 2022 | Case Study

Needing to reduce energy use, maintenance burden and resolve HVAC control limitations, Sturgeon County’s energy manager found the ideal solution by retrofitting lighting fixtures and installing smart control technology.

Town of Edson: Low-Cost, Big Savings

| 2022 | Case Study

Despite a very limited budget allocation, the Town of Edson’s energy manager implemented a range of cost-free measures that got the town over half-way to its emissions reduction target and saved nearly $6,300 a year.

Town of Banff: Peak Performance

| 2022 | Case Study

With a staff member fully dedicated to energy management, the Town of Banff has put energy efficiency at the forefront of operational planning, in line with their goal to be a global environmental leader and model of sustainable tourism.

EV Charging Install and Operations Guide

| 2022

This guide provides best practices for the installation and ongoing operation of EV charging stations to support municipalities participating in the Electric Vehicle Charging Program.

Climate Resilience Express: A Community Climate Adaptation Planning Guide

| 2021 | Guide, Handbook, Strategy

Climate Resilience Express provides a flexible approach to climate adaptation planning that can be tailored to your community’s needs and will help you:

  1. Understand how the climate and natural environment in your region is projected to change in
    the future.
  2. Prioritize climate change impacts affecting your economy, municipal infrastructure and
    services, the natural environment, and the health and lifestyle of residents.
  3. Identify and implement local actions to manage climate risks and opportunities to ensure your
    community is resilient and adapted to future climate change.