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Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one-stop-hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities plan and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

FCM Integrating Climate Change: Governance and Operations

| 2021 | Project, Strategy

From the planning, engineering and sustainability departments, to the front line staff, every municipal employee can play a role in addressing climate change impacts in their community. Integrating climate change data and considerations needs to happen in day-to-day municipal operation, not just through major community or service delivery plans. Read this page to learn about questions you can ask and tools you can use in your work to take climate action.

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Community Planning – Is your municipality updating or renewing its community plan? Check out this page to learn what climate considerations you should be integrating in your planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan. 

Service Delivery Planning – Is your municipality reviewing its service delivery planning? This page can help you discover climate considerations you should be integrating in your service delivery planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan. 

How to apply for a Simplified Measure

| 2020

Apply for any Simplified Measure without a Scoping Audit or Engineering Study because of the predictable energy savings these types of Energy Conservation Measures produce.

Lighting Calculator

| 2021

Lighting projects may use the REC Lighting Calculator to estimate these savings without the need for a Scoping Audit or Engineering Study.

Electric Vehicle Knowledge Guide

| 2021 | Guide, Handbook, Tool

Learn more about best practices for deploying electric vehicles, and the various vehicle types available for rebates with this guide.

Electric Vehicles Savings Calculator

| 2021 | Calculator, Tool

Compare the costs of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with electric vehicles using our new resource, the Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator. Use this calculator to see the cost savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from purchasing an electric vehicle instead of a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.

A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy

| 2020 | Report

It is Canada’s strengthened climate plan to create jobs and support people, communities and the planet. “A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy” is a plan that achieves both environmental goals and economic hopes: clean air, clean water and long-term secure jobs.

Impact Report 2020

| 2021 | Report

We work with Alberta communities to reduce operating costs, improve community health, advance climate resiliency, and adopt and act on plans to respond to climate change.

Since 2009, the Action Centre has helped Alberta municipalities, school authorities, non-profits and community organizations achieve their cost and greenhouse gas reduction goals. 2020 was challenging on so many fronts but, through it all, the Action Centre’s programs and services continued to support Alberta communities with projects that saved money, lowered emissions, and supported local job creation.

See economic and environmental benefits our program participants have achieved in our Impact Report 2020.

Alberta Funding Guide

| 2021 | Guide

This funding guide assists Alberta municipal government staff, elected officials, communities, organizations, and their members in their search for appropriate funding to support local government energy planning, and climate adaptation and mitigation projects. This is a clickable document that helps you easily navigate around all the options for funding.

The guide provides a comprehensive listing of funding programs for which Alberta municipal governments are eligible. Each listing includes the program title, description, application deadline, restrictions on eligibility, amount of funds available, organization, contact information and website address.

Published by: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and Community Energy Association