Learning Centre

Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one stop hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities formulate and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

Fuel Efficiency for Municipal Fleets

| 2012 | Handbook

This handbook compiles the latest fuel efficiency and fleet management information in a concise fashion, and provides fleet managers and staff with tangible, implementable approaches to fuel and GHG emission reductions.

Published by: The Carbon Neutral Kootenays Project Team

Certification in Community Energy Management

| 2019 | Training/Tutorial

The British Columbia Institute of Technology and the Community Energy Association partnered to develop a series of courses in the emerging field of community energy management. Community energy management spans the traditional silos of current and long range planning, policy, operations, engineering, transportation, finance, and others. Community Energy Management education will provide the knowledge and resources you need to manage the art and science of saving energy, emissions, and money across the community. 

Community Energy & Emissions Planning Guide

| 2008 | Guide

This guide describes the purpose and content of a community energy and emissions plan, its benefits, and how to go about creating one.

Published by: Community Energy Association

The history of climate in Alberta and effects of climate change on Alberta’s watersheds

| 2019 | Website

The main story for Alberta is that variability is a permanent feature of climate, however climate change is likely to increase the range of weather conditions we experience. This means the province can expect to see more drastic swings between warm and cold, wet and dry, and calm and wild weather. It also means we can expect to see temperatures, precipitation and weather conditions that have been extremely rare historically, or not been seen at all in Alberta.

Published by: Alberta Water Portal Society

Canada’s Changing Climate Report

| 2019 | Report

This report assesses current knowledge about how Canada’s climate is changing and why, and what changes are projected for the future, to help inform mitigation and adaptation decision-making, and to help raise public awareness and understanding of Canada’s changing climate.

Published by: Government of Canada