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Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one stop hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities formulate and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

Shining a Light on Solar Energy: Teaching and Learning about Sustainable Energy

| 2020 | Tool

Developed in collaboration with Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE) and funded by a grant from the Community Environment Action Grant program, Shining a Light on Solar Energy was created to support educators and learners in developing energy and climate literacy using critical inquiry and a multidisciplinary approach.

Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership 2019 Regional Economic Impact Report

| 2019 | Report

Every year, Alberta SouthWest, Economic Development Lethbridge, and SouthGrow committed dollars and drove the project forward together with shared messaging, marketing campaigns, research projects, training sessions and seminars, stakeholder forums, and more. The partnership that they formed is the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership (SAAEP), and the results of this effort have been one of the largest economic development successes that southern Alberta has seen.

This report was commissioned in order to give stakeholders a sense of the scale of investment that is occurring, and the economic impacts that are accruing for Albertan’s because of it.

EV Battery Degradation Calculator

| 2019 | Tool

Compare average battery degradation over time for different vehicle makes and model years. Degradation is based on observed data so newer model years will have shorter degradation lines.

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator

| 2019 | Tool

Alberta’s Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is the first free and open-source tool of its kind, allowing you to visualize the interactive and cumulative effect of current, proposed, or potential policies on the province’s carbon pollution and energy trajectory. From renewable energy to pollution pricing and mass transit to efficient buildings, you can use the tool to gain a deeper understanding of the specific policy actions that Alberta can take to decrease its climate-destabilizing carbon emissions.

Design Our Climate Simulator

| 2019 | Tool

This simulation tool invites you to design the climate future for our planet, to use what you learn in this process to engage in conversations about how these changes can be achieved in short order, and to create your own action plan to help tackle this complex and difficult challenge.

Protecting your Community from Climate Change: A Training Program for Ontario Municipalities

| 2011 | Training/Tutorial

The Municipal Adaptation Training Program was tailored specifically for municipal decision-makers in Ontario. It seeks to help municipalities make the transition from awareness of climate change to taking adaptation action. The focus is on the steps how to initiate a decision-making process, from raising awareness to undertaking assessments and planning leading to the implementation of practical adaptation actions.

Published by: Clean Air Partnership

Building a Climate-Resilient City: Disaster preparedness and emergency management

| 2017 | Report

This resource examines the potential implications of climate change for disaster preparedness and emergency management in Alberta’s cities, and presents options by which the resilience of these systems may be enhanced. It is one of a series of papers prepared by the Prairie Climate Centre to provide the public and government officials with an overview of the means by which to build cities that are resilient to the impacts of climate change, drawing on lived experience and best practices.

Alberta Funding Guide

| 2019 | Guide

This guide provides information about funding programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects available to municipalities in Alberta.

Published by: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and Community Energy Association

The #TalkingClimate Handbook: How to Have Conversations about Climate Change in Your Daily Life

| 2019 | Handbook

The #TalkingClimate Handbook aims to get the world talking about the climate crisis. It provides practical advice to help anyone and everyone – whoever or wherever you are – have constructive, interesting conversations about climate change.

It is based on the belief that these exchanges are important not just in themselves, but because they are a part of all of us engaging with the challenge of climate change, and driving the wider social and political response.