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Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one stop hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities formulate and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation plans. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

GMF’s Municipal Energy Roadmap

| 2020 | Report

GMF’s Municipal Energy Roadmap meets you where you’re at – and helps you get where you want to go.

The report offers timely and specific guidance in identifying the best solutions for Canadian communities to achieve significant GHG emissions reductions in their municipal and community buildings and meet their long-term sustainability objectives. It supports working with residents, businesses and other stakeholders to create jobs, lead economic recovery, lower emissions and significantly improve quality of life. No matter where you are in the process, the Energy Roadmap provides practical advice you can use to make the right decision for your community.

InfraGuide: National guide to sustainable municipal infrastructure

| 2006 | Guide

Based on Canadian expertise and research, InfraGuide addresses key areas in infrastructure planning, providing a range of resources from highly technical guides to strategic planning tools. Technical staff can explore the principles and best practices in their specific areas of work, while senior managers, CAOs and elected officials can better understand the principles and governance structures that support better infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Alberta’s Climate Future Report

| 2019 | Report

Final Report from ATMOS Research and Consulting.

This report summarizes the observed and projected changes in temperature and precipitation for Alberta and 21 cities and towns. It compares historical observations and trends to projected changes through 2100, and quantifies expected changes as global temperature increase.

How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Recreation Facilities Webinar

| 2020 | Training/Tutorial, Video, Webinar

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and the City of Leduc hosted a webinar to learn how to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions in a typical recreation facility.

The City of Leduc completed a large scale lighting retrofit at the Leduc Recreation Centre, which is one of the largest projects funded through the Recreation Energy Conservation Program. They retrofitted and redesigned 100% of their lighting systems to be more energy efficient, saving them money, and reducing emissions.

You’ll learn more about the project, how they did it, lessons learned, benefits, and how you can do it too. The webinar was recorded on May 26th, 2020

Business Renewables Centre Canada

| Tool, Website

A marketplace where corporations and institutions can learn how to buy renewable energy directly from developers.

Launched in Canada in 2019, BRC-Canada works with industry experts to build on the knowledge and tools developed by the BRC-US model to furnish the Canadian industry with the support required to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy by the commercial and industrial sector.

Understanding Community Generation Webinar

| 2020 | Training/Tutorial, Video, Webinar

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and Pembina Institute hosted the Understanding Community Generation Webinar, on Earth Day, April 22, 2020. Watch the webinar recording to discover more about renewable energy generation and how it builds energy resilience in municipalities across Alberta.

This webinar was recorded on April 22, 2020.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Webinar

| 2020 | Training/Tutorial, Video, Webinar

Watch the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories webinar from April 17, 2020, where the Action Centre shared how to complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory through the Partners for Climate Protection Program, and the Town of Canmore discussed their greenhouse gas emissions inventory process, lessons learned and future energy management strategies.

Certified Climate Change Professional (CC-P) Credential

| 2020 | Training/Tutorial

The Certified Climate Change Professional® (CC-P®) is the credential from the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) for mid-level practitioners reflecting your dedication to professional development and your competency in the fundamentals of climate change preparedness and strategic planning.  A combination of related work experience and completion of all core curriculum courses and elective requirements is required for this designation.

For a full listing of the additional courses and resources, please visit their website at: ACCO Course Catalog