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Welcome to the Learning Centre! A one-stop-hub of information, resources and data to help Alberta municipalities plan and implement climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. Access information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, community generation and more.

EV Charging Install and Operations Guide

| 2022

This guide provides best practices for the installation and ongoing operation of EV charging stations to support municipalities participating in the Electric Vehicle Charging Program.

Climate Resilience Express: A Community Climate Adaptation Planning Guide

| 2021 | Guide, Handbook, Strategy

Climate Resilience Express provides a flexible approach to climate adaptation planning that can be tailored to your community’s needs and will help you:

  1. Understand how the climate and natural environment in your region is projected to change in
    the future.
  2. Prioritize climate change impacts affecting your economy, municipal infrastructure and
    services, the natural environment, and the health and lifestyle of residents.
  3. Identify and implement local actions to manage climate risks and opportunities to ensure your
    community is resilient and adapted to future climate change.

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Law in Alberta

| 2021 | Report

The ELC is pleased to announce the publication of Here Comes the Sun: Solar Law in Alberta which summarizes the legal landscape in Alberta as it relates to solar energy. This report was conceived of in a world where advances in solar energy are a near-daily headline. For example, when drafting this blog, the headlines of the past few weeks included – “Solar power in Australia outstrips coal-fired electricity for first time”, “Dawson City, Yukon will soon harness the midnight sun”, and “Alberta solar projects raise tensions over agricultural land use.” Clearly, solar is on people’s minds. Further, harnessing solar energy is key to mitigating the production of greenhouse gas emissions, making the legal and policy context of solar energy development a foundational pillar to address climate change.  In recognition of this, Here Comes the Sun provides a review of the existing regulatory framework for solar energy in Alberta.

Part 1 of this report highlights the relevance of solar as a response to our energy needs and the need to mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions from energy production. Part 2 identifies the relevant regulatory framework at play in Alberta. Part 3 highlights select jurisdictional approaches that can shed some light on how Alberta can move forward to increase solar energy production and Part 4 identifies several policy and regulatory recommendations to help solar become a central pillar of Alberta’s energy system.

FCM Integrating Climate Change: Governance and Operations

| 2021 | Project, Strategy

From the planning, engineering and sustainability departments, to the front line staff, every municipal employee can play a role in addressing climate change impacts in their community. Integrating climate change data and considerations needs to happen in day-to-day municipal operation, not just through major community or service delivery plans. Read this page to learn about questions you can ask and tools you can use in your work to take climate action.

Want to learn more?

Community Planning – Is your municipality updating or renewing its community plan? Check out this page to learn what climate considerations you should be integrating in your planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan. 

Service Delivery Planning – Is your municipality reviewing its service delivery planning? This page can help you discover climate considerations you should be integrating in your service delivery planning activities and learn about what tools you will want to use before you create your plan. 

How to apply for a Simplified Measure

| 2020

Apply for any Simplified Measure without a Scoping Audit or Engineering Study because of the predictable energy savings these types of Energy Conservation Measures produce.

Lighting Calculator

| 2021

Lighting projects may use the REC Lighting Calculator to estimate these savings without the need for a Scoping Audit or Engineering Study.

Electric Vehicle Knowledge Guide

| 2021 | Guide, Handbook, Tool

Learn more about best practices for deploying electric vehicles, and the various vehicle types available for rebates with this guide.

Last updated: Jan. 2022