Municipal Energy Manager Program

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This program provides funding for municipalities to hire an energy manager to help communities take charge of their energy use, become more energy efficient, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their facilities. Municipalities work with their energy manager to develop an energy management plan, find energy-saving opportunities, and lead renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Any designated municipality with a population below 150,000 residents within the Province of Alberta is able to take part in the Municipal Energy Manager Program. Applicants must describe their current energy management capabilities and their need for energy management support.

We encourage small municipalities to partner with one or more of their neighbouring municipalities to share a staff member across the region. When two or more municipalities partner, a lead municipality must submit the application, be the signatory to the Funding Agreement, and receive payment on behalf of the partnership.

Why is this program important?

The energy management plan that municipalities create with their energy manager helps communities make small changes that add up to big results.

The results of the energy management assessment include an action plan and an organizational engagement plan that will set you and your community up for success in a number of ways, including:

  • an internal assessment of energy performance and associated greenhouse gas emissions of all municipal buildings using energy benchmarking tools, such as Energy Star Portfolio Manager or RETScreen Expert;
  • complete or initiate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-reducing activities that reduce GHGs by 5% from the previous year’s emissions, or an approved reduction based on your individual Energy Management Plan;
  • an identification, prioritization, and implementation schedule of specific opportunities to make measurable and meaningful improvements in energy efficiency.

Municipalities will receive a list of the most appropriate opportunities for pursuing GHG reductions in their municipal building portfolio, and a comprehensive list of funding opportunities.

How does it benefit you?

Working with an energy manager sets municipalities up for success in a number of ways, including:

  • building a customized energy management plan;
  • finding energy-saving opportunities throughout the community;
  • leading energy and emissions-reducing projects;
  • encouraging municipal partnerships;
  • achieving a 5% GHG reduction;
  • conducting an energy audit on the highest energy-consuming municipal building; and
  • assigning GHG reduction targets for the entire municipal building portfolio.

80 % of salary costs covered for 2 years

9ALBERTA municipalities participating

7ENERGY managers approved

How much funding is available?

MEM Term


Year 1

80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $80,000 per year

Year 2

80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $80,000 per year

Year 2 is optional and contingent on meeting minimum Year 1 requirements. Municipalities with hired MEMs prior to April 30, 2020 will be eligible for Year Two funding and access to technical advisor support.

How does it work?

After reading the Guidebook, please submit an Expression of Interest as the first, non-committal step to learn more about the program. Upon hearing back from the Action Centre, eligible applicants will be invited to complete the Application.


Need a little boost to convince your council to hire a municipal energy manager? The Action Centre’s webinar lays out everything you need to know. You can also request a webinar for your next meeting, or register for an upcoming webinar.

Successful Projects

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