Municipal Energy Manager Program

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Hire an energy manager to develop an energy management plan, find cost and energy saving opportunities, and lead clean energy projects in your municipality.

Hire an energy manager

An energy manager will:

  • build a customized energy management plan,
  • conduct an energy audit on the highest energy-consuming municipal building.
  • lead cost, energy and emissions-reducing projects, and
  • achieve a 5% GHG reductions.
Municipal Energy Managers are looking for opportunities to save across Alberta.

Tip: Read our blog post that explains how energy management works.

Twenty-two municipalities have hired energy experts to manage their energy.

Tool Lending Library

Municipal Energy Managers adjust processes and procedures to save municipalities time, money and energy. Continue to measure successes and manage the energy plan using energy auditing equipment from the Action Centre. Available to borrow for free, so municipalities can keep saving.

Learn more about borrowing energy auditing tools and make a reservation today.

Who can apply

Municipalities in Alberta, with less than 150,000 residents, can apply to hire an energy manager.

We encourage small municipalities to partner with their neighbouring municipalities to share a energy manager. One municipality in the partnership must lead submitting the application, signing the Funding Agreement, and receiving payment on behalf of the partnership.

Municipalities get FREE access to technical advice, energy manager training and coaching, energy management tools and templates, sample job descriptions, skills and behaviours checklist and salary funding.


Eligible expenses consist of direct salaries, or wages paid by the municipality to the energy manager for time worked on energy savings/GHG reduction activities and in accordance with the municipality’s pay scales as regular salary excluding overtime pay and bonuses.

MEM Term


Year 1

80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $80,000 per year

Year 2*

80% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $80,000 per year

*Year 2 is optional and contingent on meeting minimum Year 1 requirements.

Lock in your energy manager for two years

Hire a Municipal Energy Manager before April 30, 2021 to get two years of funding. Applications received afterwards will only be eligible for one year of funding, evaluated on a case by case basis.

Who to hire

Use the Skills and Behaviours Checklist while creating the job application and interviewing. After selecting a preferred candidate, the hiring municipality will send the completed Skills and Behaviours Checklist and the candidate’s resume to the Action Centre.


A candidate with a bachelor’s degree or higher in Environmental Science, Engineering, or a closely related field is ideal for the position. They should have education with a technical focus on:

  • Climate change and/or energy management,
  • working with concepts of energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental management systems, greenhouse gas inventory, climate change initiatives or similar and,
  • any combination of related education, experience, certifications and licenses that will result in a candidate successfully performing the essential functions of the job.

Tip: Hire someone from inside or outside your organization to be an energy manager. Their position title does not need to be Municipal Energy Manager.


  • Two to five years of experience in mechanical, electrical, chemical, commercial, industrial, energy efficiency, project management (with an energy focus), facility engineering or a related field.
  • Experience with systems, and processes and/or energy engineering principles, methods, and techniques required.
  • Experience with the following systems is desired: HVAC, lighting, chillers and refrigeration, motors, variable frequency drives, compressed air, building envelope, renewable energy, and process equipment.
  • The following credentials are considered an asset(s): Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) license, Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) or other similar certification, and willingness to pursue additional certifications and training.

How to Apply

Step 1. Submit an Expression of Interest

This is a quick, non-committal step that will help us get to know more about your project, estimate how much funding you may receive, and get you ready to submit an application.

As part of the Expression of Interest, we require a description of your municipality’s current energy management capabilities to justify your need for energy management support.

This description does not need to be extensive. We recommend a short list of reasons why your municipality would want to hire a energy manager, such as:

  • The municipality wants to build a customized energy management plan but doesn’t have staff who are experienced enough.
  • The municipality wants to conduct an energy audit on the highest energy-consuming municipal building, but would rather have an internal staff member perform this.
  • The municipality wants to lead cost, energy and emissions-reducing projects to achieve a 5% GHG reductions, but has limited staff and needs a new staff member to take on these tasks.

Step 2. Submit an Application

Municipalities must provide a description of their municipality and the energy manager’s high-level work plan:

Municipality Description

  1. Municipality name, Project Manager name and contact information, and who the energy manager will report to this Project Manager and will serve as the lead contact to the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.
  2. Description of the rationale and need for a energy manager (can be similar to description from Expression of Interest) including the estimated number of full-time employees working on energy management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, or other related initiatives.
  3. Description of the anticipated salary and salary band, including a brief rationale.
  4. Brief description of the capital funding available for GHG-reducing project implementation.
  5. Describe how the energy manager will be hosted (office space, high-level overview of their access to energy data, buildings, etc.).

Work Plan Description

Description of a high-level Work Plan, including projects and tasks that the Municipality anticipates the energy manager will focus on in Year One including details that pertain to the items listed:

  • Attend, participate, and facilitate the Energy Management Assessment and prepare a Year One Work Plan.
  • Develop or refresh an Energy Management Plan, covering three or more years, for all in-scope municipal facilities including, at a minimum:
    • Results of the Energy Management Assessment
    • An internal assessment of energy performance and associated greenhouse gas emissions of all municipal buildings
    • Assign GHG reduction targets
    • Identification, prioritization, and implementation schedule of specific opportunities
    • A list of the most appropriate opportunities for pursuing GHG reductions in the municipal building portfolio,
    • Present the Energy Management Plan and Work Plan to municipal staff and elected officials and the Action Centre.
    • Complete an energy audit on the highest energy-consuming municipal building.
    • Complete or initiate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-reducing activities that achieve a 5% GHG reduction.
    • Complete quarterly progress reports on deliverable progress
    • Present an overview of Year One achievements
    • Participate in the Energy Management Assessment update

Tip: Read the Guidebook for more details.

Step 3. Funding

Once your application is reviewed and approved, the Action Centre will coordinate sending funding to the municipality.

Get started

  1. Read the Guidebook.
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest as the first non-committal step.
  3. Download the Skills and Behaviours Checklist.
  4. Complete the Application.

Save money. Save the planet—it’s a win-win

If this program sounds right for your community apply now and start making a difference today!