Municipal Energy Manager Program

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Real-world savings

“Since joining the Municipal Energy Manager program, I have already implemented energy conservation measures that will result in an estimated annual energy savings of $80,344 and an annual GHG emissions reduction of 380 tonnes. These savings were achieved through the program’s initial focus on identifying and implementing low-cost/no-cost measures.”

Devin LaFleche, Sustainability and Transit Coordinator, Town of Cochrane

Municipal energy managers throughout Alberta are making real change

The Municipal Energy Manager program is not accepting applications at this time.

Participating municipalities were able receive up to 80 per cent of an energy manager’s salary, or up to $80,000, and will have an energy management plan, better-performing buildings, and noticeable energy savings.

An energy manager participating in the program:

  • conducts an energy audit on the highest energy-consuming municipal building,
  • develops an energy management plan,
  • educates facility managers on best practices,
  • reduces GHG reductions by 5 per cent, and
  • leads energy-efficient retrofits from start to finish.

Municipal energy managers are making real change.

See how the City of St. Albert’s energy manager is reducing operating costs, energy, and emissions.

Municipalities that have hired an energy manager, receive:

  • A dedicated professional to manage energy use from start to finish.
  • Peace of mind that you recruited the right candidate using our free hiring checklist.
  • Relief that you hired an energy manager for a fraction of the regular cost.
  • A detailed understanding of your buildings and recommendations for improvement.
  • A plan that details the path forward to more energy-efficient buildings.
  • Tools to reduce your community’s contribution to climate change by 5 per cent, at least! Some municipalities are seeing up to 20 per cent reductions.
  • Education for your council and staff about the ways to be more energy efficient.
  • Reassurance that your buildings are not wasting energy.

“A key engagement project of the Municipal Energy Manager Program was the creation of the Consumption Reduction Team, a group open to all Town staff with a passion for finding efficiency. The Consumption Reduction Team allows for cross-collaboration throughout the organization with staff from a range of administrative departments. By bringing staff together from different areas of the organization, I am creating holistic awareness and dialogue around efficiency.”

Devin LaFleche, Sustainability and Transit Coordinator, Town of Cochrane

Who’s hired an energy manager?

Thirty-four municipalities have hired energy experts to manage their energy.

“I started the employee engagement campaign, which is an important piece of the program. With 750 City staff spread across several sites, I knew that I had to find a way to broaden our reach to engage as many staff as possible to see the greatest success. A foundational piece of our employee engagement has been the creation of and recruitment for the Energy Management Team.”

Cassie Kupsch, Municipal Energy Manager, City of St. Albert

Tool Lending Library

Municipal Energy Managers adjust processes and procedures to save municipalities time, money, and energy. Continue to measure successes and manage energy using energy auditing equipment from the Action Centre. Available to borrow for free, so municipalities can keep saving.

Learn more about borrowing energy auditing tools and make a reservation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Municipal Energy Manager Program?

The Municipal Energy Manager Program provides salary funding to hire an energy manager.

What does the Municipal Energy Manager funding cover?

The program funds direct salaries, or wages paid to the manager for time worked on energy savings/GHG reduction. You will receive up to 80 per cent of eligible expenses, up to $80,000. Learn more about what the program does and does not cover in the Guidebook.

Is the Action Centre accepting new applications for the Municipal Energy Manager program?

The Action Centre is not accepting new applications to the Municipal Energy Manager program.