City of Leduc – Ford Escape PHEV

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities

City of Leduc

2023Completion Year

$41,199Project Cost

$7,000MCCAC Funding

1.69 tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

Greenhouse gas emissions reductions for this project are calculated based on Alberta’s Carbon Offset Emission Factors Handbook Version 2.0


As part of the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities program the City of Leduc purchased, and received a $7,000.00 rebate to help offset the $41,199.00 cost for a new Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The new Ford Escape will be used by the City’s safety codes officer, in the building and inspection services department.

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta.


The new Ford Escape join’s the City’s growing electric fleet, which already includes a Chevrolet Volt, and electric Zamboni, and two electric John Deer Gators.


The Ford Escape PHEV will have both lower maintenance costs and operational costs due to its all electric capabilities. The City expects the Escape to emit roughly 44% less GHG emissions per year compared to a gasoline-powered model. The City of Leduc remains committed to finding ways to lower its carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are thrilled to introduce another electric vehicle to the city’s fleet, whenever an opportunity presents itself to us that helps the environment, and our community, we’re going to take a serious look at it

Leduc Mayor Bob Young