Evansdale Community League Hall Solar PV

This project was funded through the Alberta Municipal Solar Program

City of Edmonton

2019Completion Year

12.96kWInstalled Capacity

$43,804Project Cost

$9,720MCCAC Funding

15,604kWh/yearElectrical Energy Generation

10tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

GHG reductions shown in tonnes of CO2e

As part of the MCCAC’s Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP), the Evansdale Community League in Edmonton installed a 12.96 kW solar PV system on the roof of the Evansdale Community League Hall. The project was completed in November 2019.

Evansdale is the first community league powered 100% by solar energy on a net annual basis. Green Energy Futures produced a video featuring this project: https://youtu.be/nth8dk7qzRQ


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