Penhold Regional Multiplex Lighting Retrofit

This project was funded through Recreation Energy Conservation Program

Town of Penhold

$361,565.06Project Cost

$271,173.80MCCAC Funding

349,823kWh/yearElectrical Energy Savings

199tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

As part of the MCCAC’s Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) program, the Town of Penhold completed a large scale lighting retrofit of the Penhold Regional Multiplex updating 1136 fixtures of the facility’s existing lighting fixtures to a low-wattage LED equivalent.

The project was completed in August 2020.

“The REC grant from the MCCAC has allowed us to replace all of our lights from traditional fluorescent lights to clean and bright LED lights. All of our fixtures in the facility have been converted to LED and we can notice the difference in the amount of light given off and the quality of light. It’s been a great project for the Town of Penhold.”

Michael Szewczuk, Multiplex Manager

“Taking advantage of new technologies and available grants has helped the Penhold, Town of reduce operating costs. This project, combined with the installation of over 1,000 solar panels will save the Town thousands per year.”

Mike Yargeau, Mayor


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