Viking Multiplex & Curling Club Retrofit

This project was funded through TAME

Town of Viking

$15111.00Project Cost

$1690.00Cost Savings

$7556.00MCCAC Funding

4Simple Payback Period

2397kWh/yearElectrical Energy Savings

155GJ/yearNatural Gas Energy Savings

155tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

The Viking Multiplex & Curling Club underwent an energy efficiency retrofit in 2013, including mechanical and electrical upgrades.

The existing atmospheric combustion furnaces were upgraded to 94% efficiency condensing models, resulting in natural gas savings of 100 GJ/year. Three programmable thermostats were also installed throughout the facility, allowing energy consumption to match occupant usage patterns. Electrical upgrades included the conversion of all T12 fluorescent tube lighting to T8 fixtures. As a result of these upgrades, the project is yielding savings of $1,690, 164 GJ, and 10 tonnes of CO2 annually.


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