Village of Milo Electric Vehicle Chargers

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Village of Milo

$31,766.00Project Cost

$31,766.00MCCAC Funding


As part of the MCCAC’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP), the Village of Milo installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the following facility for public use. These are the first EV charging stations to be installed in the Village.

  • Two Hypercharge JuiceBar 9.6 kW level 2 stations with two plugs each at Milo Public Workshop

The project was completed in August 2022.


The Village of Milo recently installed two dual-connector Level 2 chargers outside the shop on Railway Ave. The chargers are anticipated to serve visitors and those passing through, as well as Village community members, many of who make the 1 hour+ trip to Calgary each day. While only a couple of local residents currently own electric cars, many community members have been considering making the switch. Switching to EVs is an important part of the movement toward fighting climate change and supporting Alberta and Canada’s emissions reduction goals. Installing the necessary infrastructure to support electric vehicle use contributes toward climate goals and ensures community members and visitors have a reliable energy source to charge their vehicles. This is particularly important in rural areas, which do not always have the same level of accessibility as urban areas.

Milo, located in Vulcan County, is a small, tight-knit community located at the tip of Lake McGregor. While their cars are charging, visitors can take a walk through the beautiful Lions Park or grab a delicious meal at the Milo Café. These chargers can bring more tourism to Milo and introduce people to the Most Exciting Village in southern Alberta.

“With the price of gas these days, we expect that more and more people will be going electric. This will be great for the community.”

Wendy Hingley, Chief Administrative Officer of Milo