Wembley Office Retrofit

This project was funded through the TAME

Town of Wembley

2012Completion Year

$15,315Project Cost

$976Cost Savings

$5,381MCCAC Funding

10Simple Payback Period

4,395kWh/yearElectrical Energy Savings

56GJ/yearNatural Gas Energy Savings

7tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

One of the first communities to complete a TAME project, Wembley retrofitted its Town Office in 2012. By upgrading the mechanical and electrical systems as well as the building envelope, the Town is cutting costs and energy consumption.

Retrofit measures included replacing the existing furnace with a 97% efficiency condensing model, converting T12 fluorescent lighting to T8, installing new triple pane low emissivity windows, and weatherizing the building. These improvements are resulting in savings of $976, 72 GJ of energy, and 7 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.