Alberta Real Estate Foundation

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation invests in real estate policy, research, practices, and education that strengthen Alberta’s communities. Alberta Real Estate Foundation offers grants for projects that fall within one of four categories: housing, land stewardship and environment, community innovation, or industry leadership. Generally, financial assistance is offered to projects that meet certain criteria such as capacity building in a municipality or real estate industry, knowledge sharing, cooperation to leverage resources, and participation of the real estate sector.


Examples of funded projects include:

  • Improve housing affordability;
  • Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners;
  • Support the re-imagining of under-utilized real estate inventory;
  • Support research, policy development and reform to address climate change and/or energy efficiency in support of the real estate industry and consumers;
  • Support research, policy development and planning which promotes quality, independent living for people who are facing health challenges and want to remain in their homes.

How to apply

Municipalities may apply if partnering with a non-profit organization.

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