Feasibility Study for Fleet of Refuse Trucks

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program

City of Calgary

2020Completion Year

$89,975Project Cost

$6,000MCCAC Funding

As part of the MCCAC’s Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (EVM) program, the City of Calgary completed a study assessing the feasibility of green vehicles for Calgary’s fleet of refuse trucks (side, front, and rear loading vehicles). The City currently has a total of 268 refuse trucks.

The City’s goal was to determine the feasibility of adopting different alternative propulsion technologies for their refuse truck fleet which can play a key role in helping to meet their GHG reduction targets, improve community health, and maintain the natural environment. Through analysis of different alternative fueled vehicles available in the market to the City of Calgary and economic, environmental, and social analysis of different adoption scenarios, this study will provide input to future refuse fleet adoption.

“MCCAC has supported The City of Calgary on the Alternative Fuel Study to expand alternative fuels (Electric, Hybrid, CNG) for our waste and recycling vehicles. This is critical to advance our greener fleet transition and further improve our community’s air quality, reducing our greenhouse gas footprint within our neighborhoods while serving Calgarians.”

Rick Valdarchi, Director, Waste and Recycling Services, The City of Calgary


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