Improvement District No.9 (Banff) Electric Polaris Ranger

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program

Town of Banff

2022Completion Year

$17,699Project Cost

$5,309.70MCCAC Funding

1.07tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

Greenhouse gas emissions reductions for this project are calculated based on Alberta’s Carbon Offset Emission Factors Handbook Version 2.0


As part of the MCCAC Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program, Improvement District No.9 (Banff) purchased a 2022 electric Polaris Ranger. The Ranger will be used for a variety of tasks such as snow removal and baseball field maintenance at the Lake Louise Sports and Recreation Centre.


The electric Ranger will replace a diesel tractor which is currently being used at the recreation center. This will help reduce the amount of emissions produced by the Improvement District, which is beneficial for the environment, tourists and the wildlife.


By purchasing an electric Ranger, the Improvement District will be reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions, which can have negative impacts on tourists and the environment. The new electric addition will also help the Improvement District cut maintenance costs and fuel costs compared to their current diesel tractor. With these cost savings the Improvement District will look to upgrade existing facilities and programs used by the public.

“As a Municipality located in a National Park & UNESCO World Heritage Site, Improvement District No. 9 (ID9), works hard to make choices to reduce our environmental impact. The new electric Polaris Ranger (owned by the Lake Louise Sport & Recreation Centre) will allow for more efficient operations of the outdoor spaces on the Recreation Grounds with less maintenance and less emissions. This purchase was made possible thanks to the grant funding from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. Come check it out!”

– Danielle Morine, CAO


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