Improvement District No.9 – Ford Lightning 

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities

Improvement District No.9

2023Completion Year

$87,170.00Project Cost

$14,000.00 MCCAC Funding


As part of the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (EVM) program, Improvement District now has a new fully electric Ford Lightning truck. The ID received $14,000 through the EVM program, which is funded by the Provincial government, to help cover a portion of the cost. The Lightning will be used at the Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Centre (LLSRC). 

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta. 


The Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Centre plans to replace an outdated ICE truck with the new electric Lightning. The Lightning will be used throughout Lake Louise for day-to-day tasks. This is the first EV that the ID owns and operates and will be paired with a fully electric Polaris Ranger that the ID purchased through the EVM program previously.  


The new electric truck has several advantages compared to a traditional ICE truck:  

  1. Reduced fuel costs – EVs are more efficient and are keeper to refuel 
  1. Reduced maintenance and maintenance costs – EVs have less moving parts 
  1. Reduced environmental impact – EVs produce no GHG emission during operation.  

The LLSRC is looking forward to the financial savings and the positive environmental impacts of the Lightning.  

The MCCAC’s EV Rebate Project is a golden opportunity for the LLSRC. It’s a win-win, promoting green choices and offering financial savings in the long run.

Mackenzie McCue (Manager of Facilities & Operations – LLSRC)