Summer Village of Ghost Lake – Climate Resilient Groundwater Assessment and Implementation

This project was funded through the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

Summer Village of Ghost Lake

2023Completion Year

$83,937Project Cost

$79,940MCCAC Funding

21 Climate Resilience Actions Planned

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The Summer Village of Ghost Lake contracted Morrison Hershfield for the completion of a Climate Resilient Groundwater Implementation Plan.  

The project was funded by $79,940 in grant proceeds from the Government of Alberta, through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program.  


The Summer Village of Ghost Lake (SVGL) is a small community in the Bow River watershed. The Village self-identifies as a small, cohesive, and self-reliant municipality where residents enjoy open spaces and direct access to the Ghost Reservoir for recreation and relaxation.  

This project was completed to build on the results of the 2022 Climate Resilience and Adaptation Plan, where the community identified the critical importance and social value of a resilient groundwater supply. 

To complete the work, the project team conducted a hydrogeological assessment and community engagement activities.  

Project steps included analysis of hydrogeological data; interviews with SVGL residents, Council, and regional stakeholders well as well water surveys to obtain additional information; and a community workshop to spread awareness of groundwater resilience.  

The results of these activities were presented to Council and compiled into a Climate Resilient Groundwater Implementation Plan.  


The plan identifies that the groundwater supply tends to be more resilient to climate change than surface water sources. The assessment also explored other factors such as community lot density, water quality, and water quantity which will have implications for the changing climate as well as future development in the Summer Village. 

The implementation plan includes context specific recommendations to ensure that residents of SVGL maintain access to clean, reliable drinking water in the face of climate change. Recognizing that private wells and septic systems are the responsibility of homeowners, the plan highlights actions that both the municipality and individual homeowners can take to maintain a resilient groundwater supply. 

Recommendations are categorized as Information Gathering actions, Surface & Groundwater Monitoring actions, and Community Education actions. Recommendations include building an inventory of community water wells and septic systems, and talking to neighbours about working together to protect groundwater. 


The Plan benefits the community by prioritizing actions that both homeowners and the municipality can implement to protect groundwater in the Summer Village.   

The Plan equips the community with tangible steps to obtain more information about their groundwater supply and to build a culture of awareness of groundwater and its importance to collectively protect. 

The Summer Village of Ghost Lake has engaged the professional services of Morrison Hershfield to undertake a comprehensive assessment and implementation plan focused on enhancing the climate resilience of our groundwater resources.  

At present, the groundwater quality within Ghost Lake Village is favorable. With the invaluable insights provided by this report, we are well-equipped to proactively safeguard the sustainability of our groundwater for future generations.

Karen Foudy, Summer Village of Ghost Lake Councillor  


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