Town of Okotoks – Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment 

This project was funded through the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

Town of Okotoks

2023Completion Year

$81,390Project Cost

$69,316MCCAC Funding

19 FacilitiesAssessed

76+ Climate Resilience ActionsPlanned


The Town of Okotoks received $69,316 in grant proceeds for the completion of an Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment. The project was funded in part by the Government of Alberta, through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program. 

The Town of Okotoks worked with Associated Engineering to develop an understanding of the various climate vulnerabilities and risks for the Town’s municipal infrastructure.    


The Town of Okotoks is a vibrant and forward-thinking community known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, thriving local businesses, and a strong sense of community engagement. 

This project was completed to identify and assess the vulnerability and risks posed by climate change to the Town’s infrastructure, and to develop a clear action plan to mitigate the greatest risks. The findings will be used to inform and allocate investments towards the highest risk assets.  

In addition to looking at the risk to the assets owned and operated by the Town, the impacts to municipal operations staff, public users, and the impacts to service delivery were also explored.    

Following the PIEVC Protocol, this project involved a series of workshops with Town staff and stakeholders on the following assets and areas: water, wastewater, stormwater, waste, facilities, roads, and parks. In phase two, nineteen Town facilities were selected for a more detailed risk assessment. 


The Climate Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Final Report assesses the vulnerability and risks of infrastructure in the Town of Okotoks under a changing climate. The report identifies river flooding, drought, and extreme heat as some of the highest risks to Town infrastructure systems. 

Facility Climate Adaptation Report Cards for each municipal building were developed to provide an overview of the key risks associated with each facility. The report cards categorize the facility’s vulnerability according to various hazards such as extreme heat, local flooding, heavy snowfall, hail, drought, wildfire, and more. 

The report cards act as a valuable reference for facility managers and operations staff to support their asset management and decision making. 

The Facilities Climate Adaptation Action List includes a detailed list of climate adaptation actions for each facility. It outlines risk mitigation actions, estimated costs, and approximate timelines for implementation. 

Through this project, the Town identified river flooding as a particularly significant concern, highlighting the need for a comprehensive community-wide flood management plan. 


By identifying vulnerabilities and risks, the Town is taking proactive measures to protect crucial and supportive services such as water, wastewater, power, and communications. This ensures the uninterrupted delivery of essential services to residents, which is vital for the functioning of the community.  

The proactive approach ensures that the community remains resilient and services remain reliable, benefiting the well-being and quality of life for Okotoks residents. 

As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, the need for understanding the risks and improving resilience has become increasingly significant. By conducting this assessment, the Town is positioning itself to make informed budgetary decisions on improvements that will safeguard our infrastructure, essential services, and the well-being of our residents.

Nick Ginakos, Facility Maintenance Team Leader 


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