Turner Valley / Black Diamond Climate Resilience Express Pilot

This project was funded through the Climate Resilience Express Pilot

Town of Turner Valley

The Towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond partnered to participate in a 1 day workshop as a part of the development of the Climate Resilience Express Action Kit.

The objective of the Climate Resilience Express project is to partner with municipalities across four regions of Alberta to complete a streamlined (“express”) process aimed at developing a climate resilience action plan through a one-day workshop. A team of climate resilience experts, led by All One Sky Foundation in collaboration with the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, delivered pilot workshops and developed climate resilience action plans for each participating community.

The pilot workshop and climate resilience action plan developed for the Towns of Turner Valley and Black Diamond will support the development of the “Climate Resilience Express Action Kit” – a handbook for use by municipalities across the province to kick-start climate reslience action.