2024Completion Year

$794,000Project Cost

$27,140Cost Savings

$472,500MCCAC Funding

91tonnes CO2e/year
GHG Reductions

Greenhouse gas emissions reductions for this project are calculated based on Alberta’s Carbon Offset Emission Factors Handbook Version 3.1


As part of the Action Centre’s Recreation Energy Conservation Program, the Town of Bon Accord replaced the existing ice plant at Bon Accord Arena with a new low volume ammonia system. The project was completed in January 2024.


Located in the Town of Bon Accord, the Arena was constructed between 1972-75. It has a total floor area of 3,183 m², with no windows and a total door area of 82 m2. Most of the building consists of an ice rink and spectator seating, with an ice plant room and a Zamboni room coming off the east and west sides. As a result of the ice plant replacement, the Town expects to increase the ice season to start in August and end in late May.

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta.


Replacing the existing aging ice plant with a new low volume ammonia ice plant with an adiabatic condenser resulted in an expected 174,140 kWh decrease in electricity use. The adiabatic condenser is air-cooled and significantly reduces water use while ensuring proper heat transfer. The project is expected to reduce GHG emissions from the previous system by 64% and reduce emissions facility-wide by 40%.

“Thank you to the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre for your generous contribution for our new ice plant. As the Mayor of the Town of Bon Accord, it gives me a good feeling to know that we have created a safer and greener environment for all of those who enjoy the use of our arena. This is just one more addition to Bon Accord’s Green Initiative.”

“Going Green doesn’t start with doing green acts, it starts with a shift in consciousness.”

Brian Holden, Mayor, Town of Bon Accord

 “The Bon Accord Arena’s new ice plant will deliver great ice, reduce operating costs and minimize water and ammonia use. It’s a wonderful accomplishment, and one Alberta Municipalities is proud to have been involved in through the MCCAC.”

Dan Rude, CEO, Alberta Municipalities

“Sturgeon County’s annual financial contributions to our neighbouring municipalities recreational infrastructure is meant to support both operational and capital costs.  I am pleased to see Bon Accords investment in creating a safer and more efficient facility for all of our residents to enjoy.”

Alanna Hnatiw, Mayor, Sturgeon County

 “As a hockey Dad, I’ve spent countless hours in arenas over the years and believe that arenas are the life blood of small communities. We all know that the costs involved to maintain these important community spaces, can be challenging. That’s why the Alberta Government has helped fund this important project.  This upgrade will provide Bon Accord families with a sustainable rink to enjoy for years to come, and the town will see substantial savings in energy consumption and utility costs.   As MLA for Morinville-St. Albert I’m proud of the collaboration between the Town of Bon Accord, Alberta Municipalities, and the Government of Alberta. It’s this kind of teamwork that ensure projects like this move from concept to completion.”

Hon. Dale Nally, MLA for Morinville-St. Albert, Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

“As a parent, I know that how important arenas are to our communities, and how much energy they can use. Energy efficiency builds and upgrades can carry a high price tag, which is why we’re pleased to help fund this project. This ice plant will help lower utility costs for Bon Accord while reducing emissions and supporting family fun at the rink.”

Hon. Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

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