2020Completion Year

$9,999Project Cost

$4,999.50MCCAC Funding

As part of the MCCAC’s Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (EVM) Program, the Town of Canmore conducted a feasibility study on transitioning fleet vehicles that were coming due for replacement to electric options. These include the replacement of three fleet vehicles (and the addition of a new fourth vehicle), two ice resurfacers, one UTV, and upgrades to the EV charging infrastructure at select municipal sites.

Purchasing EVs for the Town’s fleet is one of the strategies in Canmore’s 2018 Climate Action Plan, yet staff faced unknowns about charging installation and whether there was a business case. With the MCCAC’s electric vehicle funding matching funding and framework for the feasibility study, it made it very cost effective for the Town of Canmore to do the analysis and get the information needed to confidently move forward.

“In our 2018 climate action plan, we have actions to both look at electric vehicles in our fleet, as well as to also look at how we support electric vehicles in our community. Having electric vehicles for use for Town business and building out Town infrastructure in the community also helps to normalize electric vehicle use in the broader community.”

Amy Fournier, Climate Change Specialist

Each vehicle also provides an annual savings in terms of fuel and maintenance. All four passenger vehicles would have paid back the additional upfront cost to purchase the EVs and install charging infrastructure in under two years, according to the report.

The feasibility study is a valuable tool to help to inform decisions we’ll need to make in the next couple of years. Through the study we now have a good understanding of the costs and savings potential of switching to EVs, options and implications of the required charging infrastructure and future opportunities for other vehicles and equipment besides passenger cars.”

Geordie Heal, Town of Canmore Streets and Roads Supervisor and Fleet Manager

This feasibility study will help the municipal government make decisions in the future, as it provided a robust cost-benefit analysis for a variety of vehicles that are up for replacement soon. It also looked at the different charging requirements and the cost to install those.

“From my perspective, it does not make sense to miss an opportunity for a sizeable rebate if the vehicles are getting closer to their replacement date and it is moving us toward our climate action goals.”

John Borrowman, Mayor, Town of Canmore

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