2023Completion Year

$199,276.50Project Cost

$199,276.50MCCAC Funding


The Town of Devon now has six new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by taking part in the MCCAC’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP). The five level 2 stations, and single level 3 station are located at various locations throughout the Town.  

Dale Fisher Arena:  

  • One Level 3 Charger – BTC Power – 50 kW – 2 Plugs 
  • One Level 2 Charger – Hypercharge JNT – 11.5 kW – 2 Plugs 

Community Centre:  

  • Two Level 2 Chargers – Hypercharge JNT – 11.5 kW – 4 Plugs 

Town Hall:  

  • Two Level 2 Chargers – Hypercharge JNT – 11.5 kW – 4 Plugs  

The level 2 stations are capable of charging an EV from empty to full in 8-10 hours, while the level 3 DC fast charger will be able to top up an EV from 20% battery capacity to 80% battery capacity in 30-40 minutes. The level 2 stations are a great addition for residents and visitors who will be in Town for several hours, while the level 3 station will be useful for those who are looking for a quick top up.  

Those looking to use the chargers will need to download the Hypercharge app, configure an account, and add funds.  

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta and Natural Resources Canada.  


The new stations are a valuable addition to the Town and play an important role in helping build out the EV charging network in Alberta. As more residents of Devon and Albertan’s transition to EVs, having an establish and reliable EV charging network will be critical.  

The stations should also help boost the local economy as EV drivers will have the opportunity to explore local businesses and restaurants while their EVs or PHEVs are charging.  

Devon is located roughly 40 kilometers south of Edmonton and has a population of approximately 7,000 people.  

We are officially entering the 21st century with new infrastructure for our residents that already own or are looking to transition to an electric vehicle. Thank you to the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre for providing the grant that covered the full cost of these stations and allowing us to provide this new service for our community.

Mayor Jeff Craddock

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