2023Completion Year

$124,431.68Project Cost

$124,431.68MCCAC Funding


As part of the MCCAC’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP), the Town of Slave Lake installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the following facility for public use. These are the additional EV charging stations to be installed in the town. 

Public Use 

  • One Flo SmartDC – 100 kW level 3 station with two plugs at Slave Lake Municipal Library 

The project was completed in October 2023.  


The Town wanted to contribute towards achieving climate goals of the provincial and federal governments. One way to do this is to install charging infrastructure for EV’s so that more people can transition to electric vehicles without the fear of how they would charge or how far they would be able to travel. The Town already have a few electric vehicles in town and the grant would allow the municipality to provide added service levels to the community members and/or visitors. Slave Lake is a major location past Westlock which will be an ideal spot for fast charging infrastructure so that the EV owners can continue taking long-distance rides to and from north of Edmonton. 

Congratulations to the Town of Slave Lake on the completion of this install. This investment will play a key role in extending the EV charging network into Northern Alberta. We thank the Government of Alberta and Natural Resources Canada for making this project possible.

Trinia Innes, Executive Director of Sustainability Services with Alberta Municipalities

The funding facilitated by the MCCAC for installing an electric vehicle charger will help reduce range anxiety to long distance travellers and would provide existing residents access to a quick charging station. The fast-charging infrastructure will enable ease of travel to and from northern Alberta.

Mayor Frankie Ward

The Town of Slave Lake is grateful to MCCAC and its funders for their contribution to allow for an electric vehicle charging station in Slave Lake. Now, visitors can bring their electric vehicles to visit our beautiful lake and provincial park with ease. The new charging infrastructure will also enable an easier transition to electric vehicles for residents.

Chief Administrative Office Jeff Simpson 

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