2023Completion Year

$199,691.25Project Cost

$199,691.25MCCAC Funding


The Town of Sylvan Lake now has six new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at various locations throughout Town. Five of the stations are level 2 chargers, and one charger, locate at the NexSource Centre, is a level 3 DC fast charger.  

  • NexSource Centre 
  • One Hypercharge ABB level 3 DC fast charger – 1 plug  
  • One Hypercharge JuiceBar level 2 charger – 2 plugs 
  • Municipal Library  
  • One Hypercharge JuiceBar level 2 charger – 2 plugs 
  • Centennial Park  
  • Three Hypercharge JuiceBar level 2 charger – 6 plugs 

In total, residents and visitors of Sylvan Lake will now have access to eleven new EV charging plugs. The five level 2 chargers will be able to charge an EV in roughly 8 – 10 hours, while the DC fast charger will be able to charge an EV from 20% battery capacity to 80% capacity in 30 – 40 mins.  

The Town completed this project through the Electric Vehicles Charging Program (EVCP) and received a $199,961.25 grant to cover the entire cost of the chargers and installation.  

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta and Natural Resources Canada. 


Sylvan Lake is a popular destination for many tourists in the summer months, over 1 million people visit Sylvan Lake annually. The Town hopes that the addition of these chargers will boost the local economy by encouraging drivers to stop, charge, and visit the local shops and restaurants within the Town.  

The addition of these chargers also aligns with the Town’s goal of ensuring a greener future for Lakers of today, tomorrow, and future generations. These chargers will play a key role in helping reduce GHG emission related to transportation and promoting sustainability.   

We are thrilled that the Town of Sylvan Lake is ensuring their community members and visitors have access to charging stations in high traffic areas. These stations will put Sylvan Lake on the electric vehicle charging map.

Mayor Megan Hanson 

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