2023Completion Year

$231,766.90Project Cost

$140,000.00MCCAC Funding


As part of the Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP), the Town of Westlock now as three new electric vehicle charging stations.  Two of the stations are level 2 chargers with 2 plugs each, and one station is a level three charger with 2 plugs. The three stations are at three different locations.  

Location One – Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre 

  • One level 3 Chargepoint fast charger – 2 plugs 
  • Location Two – Heritage Building 
  • One level 2 Chargepoint charger- 2 plugs 
  • Location Three – Westlock Aquatic Centre 
  • One level 2 Chargepoint charger- 2 plugs 

The two level 2 chargers are capable of outputting 7.2 kW of power and can charge an EV from near empty to 100% capacity in 8-10 hours. The level 3 charger can output 50 kW of power and can charge an EV from 20% battery capacity to 80% capacity in approximately 45 minutes.  

Typically, level 2 chargers are used by drivers who will by staying in one location for several hours, while level 3 chargers are used on the go and are ideal for a quick top up.  

All three of the chargers are available for public use at a cost.  

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta and Natural Resources Canada. 


The addition of the three chargers marks a significant step forward in enhancing Westlock’s infrastructure and environmental footprint. Town residents and victors while now have both slow and fast charging options, which makes owning an EV significantly easier. 

Selecting these sites was driven by our goal to make EV charging convenient and to encourage visitors to explore our vibrant recreational spaces, municipal library, and bustling downtown. MCCAC is an invaluable partner, and our collaborations with them on past projects have been very successful. We were grateful for the opportunity to work together again on the EVCP.

Simone Wiley, Chief Administrative Officer of Westlock

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