2023Completion Year

$60,262.47Project Cost

$50,000.00MCCAC Funding


As part of the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program (EVCP), the Village of Stirling now has five new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, at various locations throughout the Village.  

  • Stirling Fire Hall 
  • One level 2 FLO charger – 1 plug total 
  • Stirling Administration Building 
  • Two level 2 FLO chargers – 2 plugs total 
  • Stirling Pool 
  • Two level 2 FLO chargers – 2 plugs total 

The FLO chargers are capable of outputting approximately 7.2 kW of power, which means they can charge most EVs from near empty to 100% capacity in 8 – 10 hours. All five of chargers are for public use.  

The Village of Stirling received $50,000 through the EVCP program help offset the total cost of the project. Funding for the EVCP program is provided by the Government of Alberta, and the Federal Government through the Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP). 


The Village of Stirling is located approximately 35 kilometers South-East of Lethbridge and is the largest Village by population in the province. Additionally, the Stirling was the first net-zero Village in Canada, through a variety of roof and ground mount solar array’s that offset the Village’s energy consumption.  

The addition of the five EV charging stations shows Stirling’s continued commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing GHG emissions. The Village hopes that the chargers will bring tourists and travellers into the community. As more people begin driving EVs, these chargers will help future proof the community and hopefully boost the local economy.  

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