Two Municipalities Selected to Participate in the Climate Adaptation Challenge

Thank you to every municipality that submitted an expression of interest. Two municipalities have been selected to participating in of the Climate Adaptation Challenge.

The Climate Adaptation Challenge offers free capacity building support to help municipalities understand how climate change is impacting their community and create plans to address the forecasted changes. Direct support is provided to work through the established Climate Resilience Express approach to identifying climate risks and opportunities for the community, projecting the future impacts of climate change, and helping prioritize actions that can be taken to reduce the impacts of climate change on the community. 

Tip: Learn more about the 14 Alberta municipalities that previously received support from All One Sky Foundation in the development of climate adaptation plans using the Climate Resilience Express approach.

 The Climate Adaptation Challenge is now offered to two municipalities: 

  1. Sturgeon County
  2. City of St. Albert

Over the next five months, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and All One Sky Foundation will lead these two municipalities through the newly released Climate Resilience Express Planning Guide. This resource outlines a community-led, participatory approach to climate adaptation planning, that involves four steps:

              Step 1 – Get started: determine the scope of the planning process

              Step 2 – Assess climate related risks and opportunities

              Step 3 – Identify, evaluate and prioritize actions

              Step 4 – Implementation  

The Climate Adaptation Challenge will support Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert in preparing for implementation. Each municipality is expected to receive:

  • Summary of relevant community plans, policies, and bylaws, 
  • Summary of historic experience with climate impacts and extreme weather, 
  • Summary of local climate change projections, 
  • Climate impact statements with definitions and thresholds, 
  • Climate change risk assessment results, 
  • Summary of action planning research,
  • Summary of public engagement outcomes, and
  • Summary of the climate adaptation plan. 

Watch for updates as these two communities work through the Climate Adaption Challenge.

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel

Program Lead – Capacity Building

Working with Alberta Municipalities’ Sustainability Services, Ronak is supporting communities taking action on climate change.