Electric Vehicle Charging Program

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Driving electric vehicle adoption in Alberta by investing in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure.

Accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in your community with the Electric Vehicle Charging Program. This new program will offset the cost of installing charging stations in public places, on-street locations, municipal workplaces and for municipal vehicle fleets.


The Electric Vehicle Charging Program will:

  • Develop Alberta’s electric vehicle charging network throughout rural and urban areas;
  • Stimulate Alberta’s local economy by creating jobs to upgrade infrastructure;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging electric vehicle adoption in Alberta; and,
  • Increase the visibility and understanding of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

This program is still under development and is expected to launch Fall 2021.

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Municipalities within Alberta will be eligible to receive funding for multiple electric vehicle charging stations for public and municipal use. The program will provide rebates covering a minimum of 50% of eligible costs for new, electric vehicles charging stations, such as:

  • Level 2 (208/240 V) – 3.3 kW to 19.2 kW networked chargers
  • Fast charger – 20 kW to 49 kW networked chargers
  • Fast chargers – 50+ kW networked chargers

More details about funding maximums, eligible expenses, and the application process will be released at program launch.

Please note, no retroactive funding will be available. Eligible purchases or installations require an approved funding agreement.


We encourage municipalities to prepare for program launch in advance by:

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  2. Submit an Expression of Interest. Take the first step to applying. This program is first-come, first-serve. We will follow up with you to discuss your potential project.

Tip: Access funding for electric vehicles for your municipal fleet with the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program.

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