Six municipalities will pilot the Municipal Energy Champions Program

Thank you to every municipality that applied to participate in the Municipal Energy Champions pilot program.

The Municipal Energy Champions pilot program supports municipalities by providing free person-to-person support for developing, managing and implementing energy management initiatives.

The pilot program’s original design called for four municipalities. Given the overwhelming interest in the program, six municipalities were accepted to pilot the program: 

  1. Brazeau County 
  2. Town of Falher
  3. Town of Thorsby 
  4. Town of Two Hills 
  5. Town of Whitecourt
  6. Municipality of Wood Buffalo 

This 6-month pilot program will help the Action Centre frame future energy extension services for municipalities in Alberta.  


Municipal Energy Champions commit approximately 10 to 15 hours a month, for six months, to complete the program steps, through webinars, workshops, phone calls, networking events, and more.

The program steps include:

  1. Baseline assessment.
  2. Energy management basics learning activity.
  3. Municipal energy information collection.
  4. Develop an energy profile and trend analysis.
  5. Understand energy consumption in buildings.
  6. Presentation on findings.
  7. Implementation planning and continuing success learning activity.

Municipal Energy Champions will positively influence municipal operations, and identify opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, with assistance and support from the Energy and Climate Change Advisor at the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

Participating in this program will help your municipality:

  • understand energy use and management,
  • better track municipal energy consumption,
  • move forward in the energy planning process,
  • learn how to identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,
  • see financing options to offset the costs of energy projects,
  • develop an approach for energy management initiatives.

You could start managing energy better today by participating in the program and nominating a staff member to be your energy champion. Learn more about the Municipal Energy Champions Program and when your municipality can apply to the next cohort. The Municipal Energy Champions Program runs cohorts over 6 months and accepts applications twice a year.

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