Municipal Energy Champions Program

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Nominate a staff member to become your municipality’s energy champion and manage energy consumption to find cost-saving opportunities better.

Why participate

The Municipal Energy Champions Program helps small municipalities manage energy use. This program offers free support for municipalities that designate staff members to become energy champions.

This program adds long-lasting capacity to the municipality, and helps them to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and save money.

Designated staff members become energy champions with the support of the Action Centre. Participating in this program will help your municipality:

  • understand the importance of energy use and management,
  • better track and manage municipal energy consumption,
  • move forward in the energy planning process,
  • see financing options to offset the costs of energy projects,
  • learn how to identify opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,
  • develop an approach for energy management initiatives.


Municipal Energy Champions commit approximately 10 to 15 hours a month to complete the program steps within six months through webinars, workshops, phone calls, networking events, and more.

The program steps include:

  1. Baseline assessment.
  2. Energy management basics learning activity.
  3. Municipal energy information collection.
  4. Develop an energy profile and trend analysis.
  5. Understand energy consumption in buildings.
  6. Presentation on findings.
  7. Implementation planning and continuing success learning activity.

Pilot program results

Six municipalities were selected in 2020 to participate in the pilot program. The pilot program was a success. See which municipalities participated in the pilot program.

2021 program

Due to the success of the pilot program, a winter 2021 cohort is now taking place.

Tip: Read our blog post about how energy management works.

The Winter 2021 cohort is full

Please check back for new cohort intake in the summer of 2021.

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