Municipal Energy Champions Program

Advisory Services

This pilot program supports smaller municipalities in developing approaches for implementing energy management initiatives in their operations.

This program offers free person-to-person support for municipalities interested in developing a municipal energy champion.

This program provides many benefits, including:

  • Enabling municipalities to understand the importance of energy management
  • Equipping municipalities with the necessary knowledge to understand their energy use, take charge of energy planning, and make informed energy decisions
  • Developing and sharing of resources to enable municipalities to complete energy assessments
  • Highlighting how municipalities can move forward in the energy planning process
  • Sharing information about financing options to offset the costs of energy projects
  • Developing an approach for energy management initiatives and communicating the outcomes

How will this service benefit you?

The Municipal Energy Champions pilot project enables small municipalities that lack the internal capacity to introduce municipal energy management initiatives. By creating internal capacity, a municipality will be able to identify opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The findings from this pilot project will help inform a future energy extension service open to all members of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA).

Participating municipalities invest 40-80 hours over a 6-month period to complete the following 6 step program:

  • Step 1. Learn the basics of energy management
  • Step 2. Gather preliminary data of municipal energy consumption
  • Step 3. Design an energy consuming systems map
  • Step 4. Build an energy profile of the municipality
  • Step 5. Complete a macro-energy audit
  • Step 6. Understand how to construct an implementation plan

How will it work?

This program is open to municipalities within Alberta. Four municipalities will be selected to pilot the program. Selections will be made on the basis of a need for energy management support within the interested municipality.

The Municipal Energy Champions Pilot Program is currently closed to new Expressions of Interest. Applications will reopen in the Spring of 2020.

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