More ways to access electric vehicles

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There are now more ways for municipalities in Alberta to see real savings and real change through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program.

Since March of 2019, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre has been providing municipalities in Alberta funding to cover the costs of purchasing passenger, non-road and heavy-duty electric vehicles through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program.

Get started with the Electric Vehicle Knowledge Guide

Now, municipalities can get started with the new Electric Vehicle Knowledge Guide. Learn more about how electric vehicles can benefit your municipality, best practices for deploying them, and the various vehicle types available for rebates with this guide.

The Electric Vehicle Knowledge Guide also includes an overview of charging, discusses frequently asked questions, and dispels myths.

Use the Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator

Compare the costs of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with electric vehicles using our new resource, the Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator. Use this calculator to see the cost savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from purchasing an electric vehicle instead of a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.

Informed by fuel consumption data provided by Natural Resources Canada, users can select from a wide variety of vehicles to explore how electric vehicles can make a real impact. If you are looking for information to build a business case to purchase an electric vehicles, this is it!

Access to more funding

Municipalities can now access more funding for electric vehicles through the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program:

  • Up to 30% of costs, to a maximum of $300,000 for heavy-duty vehicles, like garbage trucks,
  • Up to 30% of costs, to a maximum of $50,000 for non-road vehicles, like golf carts, ATVs, or ice resurfacers and,
  • Up to $14,000 for passenger vehicles.

Tip: Combine our funding for passenger vehicles with $5,000 from the Federal government’s incentives for Zero Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program.

Apply now

If this sounds right for you, submit a non-committal Expression of Interest now and get started today. Visit the program website to learn more or contact the Action Centre staff to answer your questions.

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