Sustainable Affordable Housing (GMF)

The Green Municipal Fund’s Sustainable Affordable Housing fund supports municipal, non-profit, and cooperative housing providers in measurably improving the energy efficiency and affordability of existing and new affordable housing units. The initiative’s mission is to achieve environmental, economic, and social benefits through the retrofitting and building of sustainable affordable housing. Sustainable Affordable Housing funding is offered to support projects at various stages.


Funding for:

  • Planning: Up to 80% of costs to a max of $25,000.
  • Study: Up to 50% of costs to a max of $175,000.
  • Pilot Project: Up to 80% of costs to a max of $500,000.
  • Retrofit: Financing up to 80% of costs up to a max of $10 million; grant amount is 25-50% of loan.
  • New Build: Financing up to 20% of costs up to a max of $10 million; 50% grant and 50% loan with $125 million top‐up in 2017‐18.

How to apply

Rolling intake, if you meet the requirements:

  • Canadian municipal governments (e.g., towns, cities, regions, districts, and local boards thereof).
  • Municipally owned corporations, such as municipal housing service providers.
  • Non-profit, mission-driven affordable housing providers, including co-operatives.

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Rolling intake