Town of Gibbons – EV Charging Stations

This project was funded through the Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Town of Gibbons

2023Completion Year

$131,156Project Cost

$106,680MCCAC Funding


As part of the Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP), the Town of Gibbons now has three new electric vehicle charging stations. Two are level 2 charging stations, and one is a level 3 fast charging station. The new EV charging stations are located at three different locations throughout the Town and are all available for public use.

  • Gibbons Arena – FLO DC Smart level 3 fast charger – Two plugs – 50 kW
  • Gibbons Cultural Centre – FLO Smart level 2 charger – Two plugs – 7.2 kW
  • Gibbons Town Office – FLO Smart level 2 charger – Two plugs – 7.2 kW

The two level 2 chargers are all capable of outputting 7.2 kW of power and can charge an EV battery from near empty to 100% capacity in 8-10 hours. The level 3 charger can output up to 50 kW of power and can charge an EV from roughly 20% battery capacity to 80% capacity in 30-40 minutes. All three of the charging stations are available for public use, the level 2 chargers are free to use, while the level 3 charger costs $20 per hour.

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta and Natural Resources Canada.


The addition of the three chargers is a great step forward by the Town in promoting sustainability and increasing the build out of EV charging stations throughout the Province. The chargers are a valuable addition to residents who drives EVs/PHEVs and tourists passing through. The addition of the electric chargers within the Town is a step in ensuring that the Town is consistent with the changing times and that it remain a full-service community

Gibbons is located roughly 40 kilometers North-East of Edmonton and has a population of roughly 3,100 people.