Town of Legal Legal Arena & Curling Rink Furnace and Weatherization Retrofit

This project was funded through the Recreation Energy Conservation Program

Town of Legal

2021Completion Year

$35,100Project Cost

$1,865Cost Savings

$26,298MCCAC Funding

4.7Simple Payback Period

245GJ/yearNatural Gas Energy Savings

11tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

Greenhouse gas emissions reductions for this project are calculated based on Alberta’s Carbon Offset Emission Factors Handbook Version 2.0


As part of the MCCAC’s Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) program, the Town of Legal upgraded six (6) furnaces with high-efficiency models (95% efficiency) at the Legal Arena & Curling Rink. Also included in the project were four (4) programmable thermostats and new door seals and door sweep. The project was commissioned in September 2021


 The Legal Arena & Curling Rink is a community hub and the existing furnaces that heat the changing rooms, lobby, and curling rink were inefficient and in relatively poor condition. To save operational costs and improve the facility’s heating system, a total of six (6) 25-year-old furnaces were replaced with six (6) high efficiency condensing furnaces, added four (4) programable thermostats, and replaced door seals on all exterior doors at the arena and curling facilities.


Altogether, this project will save an estimated reduction of 11 tCO2e/year and an energy cost saving of $1,865.70/year. The natural gas consumption attributed to furnace upgrades, door seals, and sweeps would save approximately 131 GJ and 114 GJ respectively per year. The project resulted in a 7% GHG reduction from the existing system and a 4% reduction facility-wide from the baseline.

The Town of Legal is extremely pleased to do its part in reducing our carbon footprint and energy conservation measures. The MCCAC Recreation Energy Conservation Program gave us the opportunity to reduce operational costs by decreasing energy consumption. The Town of Legal is appreciative of the funding from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre that provided us the opportunity to upgrade our Arena and Curling Rink heating system. The much-needed upgrades will help our facilities become more efficient for years to come.

Robert Proulx, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Legal


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