Town of Westlock Rotary Spirit Centre Solar PV

This project was funded through Alberta Municipal Solar Program

Town of Westlock

2020Completion Year

625kWInstalled Capacity

$1,184,181.38Project Cost

$511,468.16MCCAC Funding

328tonnes CO2e/yearGHG Reductions

As part of the MCCAC’s Alberta Municipal Solar Program (AMSP), the Town of Westlock installed a 625 kW solar PV system at the Rotary Spirit Centre. The project was completed in 2020.

“With the help of grant funding, we’re able to offset a significant portion of our current energy consumption without having to take dollars away from another area. Solar is an investment in the town’s future and from an environmental and financial perspective, it just makes sense.”

Mayor Ralph Leriger

“Our Council saw the long-term benefits of this project and demonstrated incredible leadership in this decision. This project is good for the Town of Westlock continuing to work towards our long-term approach to the sustainability of the community.”

Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Simone Wiley


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