Nominate a Municipal Energy Champion for your municipality

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Nominate a staff member to become your municipality’s energy champion to better manage energy consumption and find cost-saving opportunities.

The Municipal Energy Champions Program is now open to applications.

Building on the Municipal Energy Champions pilot program, this advisory service will help ten small municipalities manage their energy use. Successful applicants will receive education, technical support, and coaching to turn selected staff into Municipal Energy Champions. These energy champions will add long-lasting capacity, positively influence operations, and identify opportunities for energy consumption reductions and cost savings for their municipality.

“I highly recommend all municipalities take part in the Municipal Energy Champions Program. It does not matter what stage your municipality is in when it comes to energy management. The Municipal Energy Champions Program will be able to support and provide guidance on how to be better. There are always new ways of doing things and better, more efficient programs. Having the Action Centre provide timely, engaging offerings is great for municipalities of all sizes and at all stages of energy improvement.”

Sandra McIntosh, Economic Development Officer,
Brazeau County

Program Steps

We guide municipalities through a step-by-step program that has participants:

  1. Complete a baseline assessment
  2. Learn the basics of energy management with municipal staff and council
  3. Gather energy use data or review the current record keeping system and define a scope of analysis
  4. Develop an energy profile for the defined scope of work
  5. Understand energy consumption trends in municipal facilities and learn how to look for energy efficiency improvements
  6. Present findings to all relevant municipal staff and council
  7. Learn how to construct an implementation plan and move forward in the energy management process

Participants are expected to invest about 40 hours over a six-month period to complete the program, starting in January 2021.

This program will be delivered through webinars, workshops, phone calls, networking events, and more.

Learn more about the Municipal Energy Champions Program.

How to apply

Start by reviewing the Guidebook to get to know the program.

Tip: You can register for an upcoming webinar scheduled for November 3 or December 3 to learn more about the program.

Then submit an Expression of Interest by December 18, 2020. For assistance with the form, please contact the Action Centre.

We will review each application and select ten municipalities to participate in the program. Your application should fully explain why your municipality needs support managing municipal energy usage, and how you would benefit from this program.

Author: Ronak Patel, Energy and Climate Change Advisor

Apply to the Municipal Energy Champions Program

Submit an Expression of Interest by December 18, 2020